Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Christine Buckley - A True Irish Hero - RIP

Christine Buckley, a survivor of Catholic institutional abuse, and whose story was told in the 1996 TV documentary Dear Daughter, has passed away this afternoon in Dublin. She never gave up fighting against the powerful paedophile psychopaths and their establishment apologists in the Irish Catholic church. The stories which came out of the Sisters of Mercy children's home at Goldenbridge are still difficult to comprehend.

I can recall being traumatised by her personal story for years after watching Dear Daughter. The inhuman depravity she and the other children were subjected to, and then the indifference from her own mother when she finally got in contact with her. Then a long battle with cancer. She exposed the sorcery of darkness of the perpetrators standing behind their crucifixes and 'holy' vestments. 

What was most disturbing of all, was that she announced not too long ago that she had 'held back' on some the darkest details of the abuse performed upon children by Irish priests and nuns, as she stated during a TV interview that 'the public could neither fathom, nor deal with the full details.' 

Video profile from 2009 HERE >>>

RIP: Slán agus go mbeannaí Dia thú.

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