Tuesday, 5 November 2013

THEY Whom You Must OBEY... A History Lesson

I was looking at this old bus driver training film produced in Dublin in 1965. If anyone wishes to see how much humanity has been diminished as a species (and I include myself in this) in the years since, then look at the people in this film. Look at everything in this film for Christ sake. The dress codes and smart attire of the citizens especially, and the upright, dignified posture of their stance along with overall body movements compared to now. People back then WERE MUCH MORE ALIVE somehow. Towards the end, a woman dashes across the to beat the approaching bus and she positively expresses a little skip and a jump as she reaches the curb on the other side. That's how we all used to be. That's the real human spirit.

This film could of been taken in any other city at the time - and the same human 'energy' and dignity on display would be equally abundant. If the same camera crew went to Frankfurt, Bradford, Glasgow, Buenos Aires, Bangalore, Detroit, Oslo, Cape Town, Cairo, Winnipeg, Milan, Moscow, Tehran, Auckland, Atlanta, Beirut  Helsinki, Mexico City, and Seoul - YOU NAME IT - you would find that everyone in these other cities would be just as well dressed and walking with the same upright, dignified posture. 

Not a tracksuit in sight. People back then still had day-to-day life problems of course, however, they did not have the need to publicly express and boast about their neurosis which was then formulated into public policy in order to create confusion and division among people, genders and religions like we do now. People were religious, but they were not radicals. No flying saucer death cults needed, no radical religious bombers and no 'silver spoon' socialists and feminists telling them how to live their lives by imposing a different set of authoritarian mandates upon them, to replace the ones they were - in most cases - managing to find a way around. That's because there was more saturated fats in their diets. They could build more neural pathways. They could think more logically, creatively too and when an idea flopped, it was accepted as a learning process and they did not resort to The Secret or the Power of Intention to avoid the reality of disappointment. There was no Dr Phil nor Germaine Greer to screw with their self-perception and identity.

Yes people had problems back then and society was broken in some ways. But guess what, a half a century of massive planet-wide social engineering later by THEY whom we must OBEY - things are even worse now. The very ecology of the planet is under attack from Monsanto and mad climate scientists. At least back in the 1960's, we had some chance to escape Globalisation in a social context. You could move to a different culture - now all culture has been slopped-down to the unsatisfying gruel of corporate multiculturalism. Flvour has been robbed from all our sensory faculties.

(Exception Made for 'Spiritual Socialist' Russell Brand of Course)

We have been attacked and damaged as a species from corporations dictating public policies based on crackpot academia funded by corporations, Globalist foundations and Darwinist Dogma. They have drugged us with neuro-toxins and other chemical additives in food, drink and even the insanity of Fluoride put into the drinking water. All these policies have resulted in a humanity of low kinetic energy and a need to OBEY. 

Celebrities are at the top of the list now of social and public pundits.  

Look how few road signs and OBEY markings there are on the streets in the Dublin 1965 film. Humans were trusted to look after their own safety for the most part, and that of their fellow human. No nanny state required. Likewise no advertising billboards warning you of every kind of cancer and other forms of human illness and suffering, along with the champagne corporate charities who suckle at this tit of this corporate and government created misery. Nobody need a facelift, boob job, penis implant. Celebrities were just people who entertained you and did not instruct you to OBEY, OBEY OBEY the ones I refer to as 'THEY'.

'THEY' the psychopathic flotsam of Ivy League schools, Oxbridge, London School of Economics and all the other mad political and social scientists who feed and direct - via a pathological feed-back loop - of psychopathic pathology and globalist philosophy at odds with the ecology of the planet, and the condition of the human psyche. We are their fodder, their lab rats and their medical and lab waste when they are done with us.

Globalisation in all the 'ism' forms is a cancer. The time has come to no longer OBEY the lunatics that is THEY and for us as individuals to finally WALK AWAY from the polluted reality which these failed monster have foisted upon us.



  1. Obey ? i could not see those lads in that photo obeying some prick in a uniform telling them to go over the top ? they would tell him to fuck off .... we dont obey anything like we used to years back , plus that vid was shot in the day , very different at the weekend ... do you remember the hooligans and the fear of people going out at night because of the muggings ? just after that vid public info films started to appear on tv because we really was quite stupid back then lol come on we were :-) its just that weve shifted our stupidity .... i hate this breed of psycho nonce politician we have as much as anyone but we have have faith that in actuality the majority of society hates the fuckers as well Obay ? naw do we fuck ................ good read as usual Tom cheers bud ..................

    1. sounds like you missed the point, entirely.

    2. No i didnt, if i said it in one sentence i would of said stop looking at the past with rose tinted glasses ..........

    3. not a whole lot of time to get into it with you, and not even attacking you. we do tend to have a misty view of the past, whether we were there or not.

      but saying "we don't obey like we used to" is probably NOT true. there are just a lot more different "obey" type of options in society today. once you get down to brass tacks, a person is obeying any number of scripts that have to do with their race, class, nation, favorite sports team, business or occupation, past studies, aspirational group, gender, etc. we think we are not 'obeying' but we are holding opinions produced the interaction of all of these things and then going forth and imposing that mosaic on ourselves, others and the world.

      also, your point about "things were bad back then too" is well-taken. the problem is, as you say---we have shifted our stupidity instead of eliminating it. things are bad today in different ways then they were back then, but one could well argue the scope of what is 'bad' now has increased in magnitude based upon our exponentially larger ability to fuck with/up the world around us due to our technological progress combined with massive population growth.

      in other words, if the myth of progress were indeed true, our level of stupidity would decrease as our level of knowledge increases. instead, we leave both the bad AND the good of the past behind entirely, instead of keeping the one and discarding the other and moving forward.

      as a species, this leads me to believe we are full of folly, or alternately f*cked.

    4. Thankyou i stand corrected :-) we do appear to have thrown the baby out with the bathwater ... whats it going to take to make us really start caring about each other again ? if we ever did ? .... The Obey thing is a tough one even if we have led a radical alternative life our personal paradigm of freedom & self becomes the very thing that holds us back from really being fulfilled and contributing because like you say there are so many scripts running in the mix , if we pulled all the sliders down and listen to one channel at a time we would be horrified how much we run around "Obeying" ... "bugga" just when i thought i was on the case hahaha .... take it easy dude :-)

  2. I bet if you asked your parents or those of a similar era whether they prefer '65 or now, the majority would say now, inspite of the paedo feminazi Germaine Greer types and her tracksuit wearing ilk that we have today. Back then there was very little choice and it was grey as fuck. You dressed well and kept your head up like all the other so called well-to- do or you were filthy working class scum, and there were piss heads and puke everywhere. Thought you would have sussed this, unless of course your so-called council house upbringing wasn't quite as bad as you state. Plenty of feckers were obeying back then! Still like your stuff though Thomas.

  3. I have just watched "Mommie dearest". I "lived" every minute of the movie.
    The only difference between the daughter in the movie and me, it's that I had a psycho father and he's not dead yet. I spent all my life angry at my mother because of the projection effect: I could see all the evil only in her. She had her life completely taken away. She was a puppet on his hands.
    He has done everything he can while it is considered legal, to make our lives hell. He's been always considered by his family as "a bit insane" and a "strict father". And that's all. No one knows the hell we have been through.
    And, he is still alive. My mother divorced him, finally. But he won't let us live in peace, ever. I spend all my life struggling to have a job and a life, but he's been always in the way, no matter what I did, to make my life a misery.
    I have found myself now a fighter, a soldier, a survivor, and I have just began to realise it.
    I have applied the NCEA rule but there's a problem. My sister cannot believe this whole thing yet. I have told her to do the NCEA but she says she's too frighten of him trying to hurt our mother. No wonder there are reasons to be frighten when you know all he is capable to do and you know that someone like that should be in jail.
    I told her not to be afraid of him and begged her to follow strictly the NCEA rule, because she told me she was going to follow it but she failed a couple of times!! So I became very scared she's doing what the psychopath wants her to do!!
    Then, there's my mom. 38 years living with a psychopath, isolated from her family. Everybody thought she was mad, including myself. I almost made her get into a psychiatric institution because she was all day screaming and with her sight completely lost in nowhere.
    The NCEA works when it's your husband or someone else, but I am afraid that when it's your mother or your father there are so many things involved that you cannot control it all, it's much more difficult. My mother lives in the same town where he lives. She's 65 now she has a wonderful country house. She doesn't want to leave her home because of the psychopath. What can I say? Either way seems the psychopath wins. So she's still there and so, the chances of the psychopath annoying her (us) are higher. His family, many brothers and sisters, all of them think that me, my sister and my mother are evil. They have made my life hell and I always wondered why they hated me so much..
    In my social life, I look like everybody else. No one knows everyday for me it's a survival matter. I am so tired.. I am exhausted. This doesn't seem to finish EVER. My life has been in danger so many times. I could have died in one of his attemps, and my family as well. In fact, he could have died as well!!!! Absolutely madness, that's why no one would believe it, because WHO in the world would put his life at risk as well just for the sake of killing another person?!?!???????
    I am still alive but my neck hurts a lot after the car accident. I could have end up in a wheelchair or something.. nice huh??? What would you do if you realise that someone has tried to do this to yourself?? My mother or sister could have died as well. I would have probably killed myself if any of my family was hurt in the car accident. In fact, he knew that my mother didn't fasten her seat belt. Luckily my sister told my sister to fasten her seat belt, otherwise my father would have done what he wanted: kill my mother and that it would have looked an accident because he was not even driving the car, it was MYSELF.

  4. I just think the working of the CIA, science, business, psychology, testing, tv, education have all come together to destroy the modern person. The assault is much more sophisticated and full spectrum. The older generation didn't have to deal with all this. The hamster wheel is spinning faster. Plus financial security is much more up in the air now. The culture spotlights materialism and that is what people prioritize and chase. People do not value relationships like they do money. That is the root of the problem.