Sunday, 3 November 2013

Reptilians: A Previous BBC Psy-Op Also Working Well

The BBC Horizon programme did a special on 'If the Dinosaurs Survived' back in the 80's and another similar programme in the 90's and the speculation ended with a world full of evolved Lizard Folk walking around London. This is the origin of this Reptilians myth and how it became 'fact' for some people. This was done in tandem with the broadcast of the original 'V' TV series. Somehow these two ideas were fused together.

This is a very interesting article in the Atlantic Wire as the questions are clearly skewed and mixed up with 'fruitcake' stuff to imply anyone who questions any official story is mentally sub-normal. Which is why the psychopaths in charge are only too glad to have people believing in Sci-Fi allegories as reality. Sci-Fi was invented by the Fabians - such as HG Wells - to create a future which would make their social management programmes more acceptable. But also to give people new demons and scary monsters to believe in. 

Answers I Would Give:

JFK was killed by conspiracy? - YES

Bush intentionally misled on Iraq WMDs? - YES

Global warming is a hoax? - Most Likely Overblown Taxation Scam

Aliens exist? - Probably, But They Never Were Never Here (no proof of Inter-Planetary visitation).

New World Order? - YES

Hussein was involved in 9/11? - NO 

A UFO crashed at Roswell? - NO

Vaccines are linked to autism? - Perhaps in Some Cases

The government controls minds with TV? - YES (it's called Advertising)

Medical industry invents diseases? - YES (Especially Psychiatric 'Disorders')

CIA developed crack? - No Idea

Bigfoot exists? - No Idea

Obama is the Antichrist? - NO

The government allowed 9/11 - At Some Level YES

Fluoride is dangerous? - YES

The moon landing was faked? - No Idea

Bin Laden is alive? - NO

Airplane contrails are sinister chemicals? - NO

McCartney died in 1966? - No Idea

Lizard people control politics? - NO (Psychopaths do)

Source: The Atlantic Wire '12 Million Americans Believe Lizard People Run Our Country'

About 90 million Americans believe aliens exist. Some 66 million of us think aliens landed at Roswell in 1948. These are the things you learn when there's a lull in political news and pollsters get to ask whatever questions they want.
Update, October 31: We've figured out who the government reptilians are, using science. MORE HERE >>>


  1. Thomas,
    Interesting enough and I would agree with your "answers".
    Apart from the contrails one.
    They're not necessarily "sinister chemicals" - I have no idea.
    But many times this year I have watched chemtrails forming high-altitude cloud cover, interacting in strange ways with weather fronts and seemingly reacting with the water vapour in clouds.
    I've got really no idea what's going on up there, but it doesn't make sense to be "normal" contrails.
    And this is the thing that gets me; the symptoms only appear on certain days, despite change or lack of change in the weather. They're too inconsistent to be "normal".
    They're making us drink fluoride, so why not make us breath it too?


    1. Yes Mike they are messing with the atmosphere with their siy climate change combatting experiments. But I do not believe we are being "Gassed by NWO Bombers".

  2. Sorry Silly Climate Change experiments. They are crazy enough to destroy they planet to validate a philosophy alright. They certainly do not care about out health and safety that's for sure.

    1. Well I agree, we're not being "gassed".
      But if it's true that the chemtrails contain Aliminium etc, then the poisoning will be a side-effect. It's certainly not pure water is it?!
      Just listened to your radio show from July when you talk about this.
      And I read that blog post you did about the plane that left the "sound wave" in the sky. I see shit like that too over me in Manchester, including those weird black line things.
      When I pointed out the black lines to a mate, the penny dropped...

  3. Hello, I liked your answers but I cannot understand the last one.
    Maybe is because I am not an English native speaker. What are lizar people and why are they different from psychopaths?
    I have done a few searches on the Internet but I still don't get it very well.
    I'd appreaciate you help me to understand it.

  4. I have to add something related with your book. I agree that collectivism is managed by psychopaths. That's fine. But there's something else.
    I have known a couple of psychopaths myself who are anti-collectivists. They have also deceived good important economists. They don't know they are psychopaths.
    I just can't believe this. They thought it is much easier to hide like that I guess.
    I am shaking while writing this.
    I don't know how to tell the "good ones" that they are just working next to a psychopath!
    And I know these are psychopaths for sure. One was my husband. And the other was a good friend (?) or I thought he was a good friend. He was the first one I told about my husband is a psychopath (how ironic, isn't it?!) I was still in the first days of maximum horror when I gave to my friend(?) a few pages of the book of Sam Vaknin where it describes how are teenage psychopaths and how they develop into what they are, ..etc. His answer was: this description looks very much like me.
    You know, I just couldn't believe it. I thought he was joking and playing on me. I was too shocked with my husband's that I just refused to believe he was a psychopath as well. It couldn't be possible that my husband, my father and my best friend at the moment were the three of them psychopaths and I was finding this out in the course of a couple of weeks while reading Vaknin's book. It was just FAR TOO MUCH to take. It was meant to be that they are 4% of the population, right? Why was I surrounded by them?!
    So thinking he was probably joking and completely unaware of the pain I was going through, one saturday morning I felt like talking to him again because despite of all he was a good friend (??) and I wanted to clarify what was going on.
    I told him again about it and I always thought he was not serious until..... he CONFESSED:
    I couldn't believed the moment I read on the chat window this sentence:
    Look, I wouldn't care at all if any of the people I appreciate would die.
    Then this was a moment of shock AGAIN. Three psychopaths in my life!!!!!!!!
    The worst of all is not this. I can decide not to see him any more. The worst is that he is a strong freedom advocate. A well known economist trusts him!!! Who will ever think that there is a psychopath fighting for ideas of liberty and against collectivism.
    I am so scared I can't share about this with anyone because all the good people that are "normal" people and truly freedom advocates wouldn't believe it at all.
    Economists seem not to understand the full story, even the best ones. They are very close, but they don't know about the full story...... unfortunately.
    I think everyday of a way of telling them about psychopaths but I am afraid they wouldn't listen to me....
    Sorry if this turned a long post, I can't talk about this to anyone.