Sunday, 15 September 2013

My Adventures in Sleep Paralysis (or something more...)

On September 1, 2013 I had the most bizarre lucid dream on the eve of an important research trip to the UK. 

In the dream, four US Navy Seals came into the bedroom and stole my conciousness and by using a machine (contained inside one of their kit bags) they literally removed my conciousness from my body and then slowly transporting it - similar to how astral travelling is described - into orbit around the Earth. 

It was so realistic like watching an IMAX movie. Then a young Sargent told me that unless I kept my mouth shut that my 'soul' it would be removed and placed in orbit forever as a 'soul prisoner'. It was absolutely terrifying. I was just a ball of blueish light, but I could see a silver rope going back down to Ireland. I could see the Sun rising in the East over the Urals and the Black Sea. Then the Sargent said. "OK, he's got the message bring him back." and I was back in my body in bed, wide awake and covered in cold sweat.

I did not take any medications or substances that night and I had stew for dinner. The 'business-like' scientific part was the most unsettling - that they had a machine to force my conciousness out of my body and they seem very adept at using it. Very much the Transhumanist idea brought into military. Very matter-of-fact and there were laughing at me when I pleaded with them to stop. During this dream, one of the soldiers mockingly announced that Guantanimo Bay is "where we keep the soul less." Now, even weeks after the event I am still shaken by what took place.


  1. Hi Thomas, Sounds you had a visit to the "Real time" zone, just be careful - you have expanded your awareness/consciousness. Others will be picking it up while you are out there.

    All the best.

    Lyn S

  2. Dear Thomas,
    This has happened to me and it is truly the touch of evil. My body and vocal
    chords were paralised completely and I desperately tried to speak the name
    of Jesus and couldn't the first try. The second try with much effort could say
    his name and the third time I bolted upright and said loudly" Jesus save me
    Satan be gone" and poof it was gone. My sleeping husband thought it a mere
    nightmare. I knelt and prayed and sprinkled blessed salt around our house
    especially our bedroom. The same thing happened the following week and I
    was able immediately to rebuke it in the name of Jesus and it fled. That was
    May of 2010 and has not happened since. God Bless you Thomas as you expose
    evil in persons, places and things. Lady Vigilant