Monday, 1 July 2013

The Irish Media/Government Will Create a Hyped-Up Distraction from the Anglo Tapes.

A major sex, paedophile or sex killer story will be eh, 'creeped up' into mass hysteria by the Tesco Merlot guzzling dregs of mainstream Irish media in coming months. The journalists and editors within Irish mainstream media will create a diversionary sensation to distract away from the Anglo tapes and the Irish establishment cretins who are connected so closely to it. As soon as 'The Gathering' codology is running out of steam this 'shock' will be announced so as the Irish political and mercantile classes can get back to playing golf in peace and quiet.

Just watch. Or if not a "sex" case, then 'terrorist' stuff. But my money is on a smutty orifice story involving high profile ex celebs/sports types. A sacred icon of Ireland will be sacrificed to save the bankers and politicians.
It's being developed by senior civil servants and journalists right now.

The Anglo Irish Bank officials behaved completely psychopathic on the tape recordings. Even the average Fianna Fail voter has enough cognitive awareness to work that one out. Now do you understand why I make a big deal of this issue of psychopathology creeping up into the higher levels of the establishment? You see clearly see the staggering damage a handful of psychopaths in a single bank - aided and protected by elected politicians and unelected civil servants - can unleash upon generations of citizens of one nation? It's horrible isn't it.

To add insult to injury our 'beloved' (or so they constantly tell us) President Michael D. Higgins was wheeled out by the government to do a bit of damage control on behalf of his establishment buddies. With all his usual trademark lyrical drama, he announces that the Anglo Bank bosses are "not like Irish people!!!!" I was half waiting for some patriotic music to start playing and then emotional footage of waves crashing on the coast of Connemara in tandem with his; 'never mind this mess, it's in the past now, so keep paying all them extra taxes to keep the lads out of jail..." oration.

President Higgins is a total piece of establishment muppetery who is being sent out by the criminals to begin gaslighting you. Check out his very carefully worded comments about the Anglo tapes:

"We have to establish what happened to ensure it never happens again.”

TRANSLATION: 'nothing (beyond an expensive superficial public talking shop media and legal wank fest in Dublin Castle) is going to be done to the PAST and PRESENT criminal and political psychopaths and their proto-psychopathic buddies who ruined Ireland and made you taxation livestock on an IMF farm for decades to come'.

You are being duped by them. Do not stand for it.
Trusting politicians and battered wife syndrome is the same thing.

Just watch, the big diversionary shock is coming real soon.,.


  1. Sad but almost certainly correct. You want to laugh at this farce. Then you get a tax bill or a new 'service' charge. Well done on the End of an Eire film by the way. Hopefully it might get Irish people to think and not put up with crap.

    1. Cheers. Glad you liked the film. Ireland is no different that any other country in terms of psychopaths running the show.

  2. We have a lot of similar diversionary shocks in America too. The "war on terror" being a big one. If there was a real war on terror, all the psychopaths in charge would be taken out.

  3. Jimmy Savile...Monica Lewinsky...Max Clifford...Mata Hari...

  4. My only comfort is knowing that Evil always carries within itself the seed of its own self destruction due to its corruptable nature.

  5. Yes, they are pushing it too hard and fast these days. Also shows how they are running out of options. Trying to manipulate people's emotions while they can't pay their bills only works for so long.

  6. Thomas you are not the only person thinking along the same lines... The majority of people under 30 would not remember the tatics of a FG/LP Gov With Uras an uachtarain in the bag. They never really used the senate cos it would backfire on them they will try and get rid of....We all know they wont be any Bankers or developers jailed,We all know who the fall guys were and will be...Their Distractions are their best means of propaganda they never changed... But i have still have some bit of morals in me i didnt know Brian Lenihan or have i ever voted for him but to be landed in a job trying to clean up after a bunch of psychopathic diseased Infected Barbarians leaves a lot to be desired. Could you imagine one of your family or some close friend doing that job and then listen to those tapes after.It leaves a lot to be desired