Monday, 30 January 2017

The Gulf Stream of Consciousness

My theory of why these islands produce great writers is the Gulf Stream which ends here. The bottom of the ocean is the corporeal repository of human consciousness; its fears, desires and  hidden pain. It washes upon the shores of Ireland and Britain, whereby our artists collect these sequestered fragments of the human condition and resolve them into verse and prose. King Lear, Molly Bloom and the Bell Jar all washed up upon our misty shorelines.

Beachcombing for realisations.


  1. Thats beautiful Thomas, i just felt a warm unconscious rush of all these isles literature and poetry i have absorbed, it felt like a strong current swelling from deep inside washing over all the grit and sand of what seem like endless days.

  2. ...but most of the world's population write in foreign languages, so of course they don't write great English poetry or fancy themselves as Shakesphere (one of the most overrated writers ever I find him exceptionally boring). The artistic nature of other cultures are expressed differently, and if there are any great Korean writers, you won't hear about them. Their writing may not even translate that well into English.

  3. Music to...Great music both ancient and modern around the world but Ireland and Britain in the last 60 years has produced the most incredible sounds...far far to many to list here!!!