Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Puritans are Back to Trump Hate Witches

What started out as a kind of Black Friday for White Upper Middle Class types with only First World Problems to contended with, has descended into something incredible dark and sick. Watch this video of two pieces of human waste plotting, and then setting fire to the hair of a woman in front of them. Well guess what...that was very literally a "witch" being burnt by the new Politically Correct Puritans: the SJWs. 

Firstly, make them all trendy vegans to suddenly crash their B12 levels and sending them into confusion and psychosis so they will see "racists" and "rapists" everywhere. Replace the B12, not with dietary supplements, but with canabinoids, Starbucks and/or psyche meds so they are no longer sure of their own personal identity. Reality is now optional. Veganism is fine if approached sensibly and precautions to boost B12 levels are taken. Offsetting copper overload etc. The problem with this lot is they suddenly become vegans like their heroes Moby and Russell Brand and their B12 crashes and they go instantly into hysteria and psychosis. But it is all planned. This is why Occupy had free food kitchens dishing out vegan slop to the clueless protestors. The Cultural Marxists needed them unhinged, hysterical and following Michael Moore and other millionaires.

Deny them loving intimacy with the opposite sex as that would be "exploitation".
People who never want a meaningful relationship as they are completely married and devoted to the state. Then get them scrying SJW social media like Tumblr and websites such as Vice which feeds this completely unhinged state further. Fiery PC Puritan Preachers such as Moby and Alec Baldwin to give them fortitude and put them firmly on the side of righteousness.

They will repeat this constantly like it's their biblical scripture. However, their mushed angry, brains have given it no deep considerations, just reactions. Have the media feed them a vision of hell on earth among the Revelations-type psycho-unreality they believe they are fated to.

Send them out marching - having no idea why they are so fanatically whipped up - and while in a semi-hallucinatory state as giant vaginas and fighting the devil (Trump) and his "witches" in the community. A state akin to William Boroughs' Naked Lunch meets Arthur Miller's The Crucible as their protests increasingly resemble Hieronymus Bosch paintings of distorted semi human hybrids of indeterminate gender and distorted biology amid a burning and doom-laden hellscape.

The new PC Puritan you have created, will seek out ye witches for the burning, and as we saw they will indeed burn them. Watch the video above. Salem is still with us.

These are very revealing times and I do not want to be a part of any Orwellian Psychosis that marches in the streets to demand Donald Trump be impeached over a stupid comment made in private when he was just a TV personality almost a decade ago, compared to Bill Clinton who took advantage of an impressionable unpaid female intern (exploitation on numerous levels) with his cigar - INSIDE THE OVAL OFFICE WHEN HE WAS PRESIDENT - before savoring the vaginal fluids and then lied about it under oath. To Bill Clinton, there was no distinction between a woman and a cigar. Just objects to him and the same people who are outraged by Trump's stupid comment said and still say nothing about this...

There really is a war going on now inside the minds of humans and it is dirty and I am not taking sides for any political philosophy, but I recognize the clear and present danger when I see it. For the rest of us who can see this psychotic circus for what it is, it's a great time to be alive. Chaos and uncertainties are delicious and inspiring. The charge emanating off the masses is there for the harvesting. The arts will flourish as life becomes interesting again. You will only survive if you see the world in metaphor. Mythology is the only guide left. Creativity is the only path forward.


  1. I truly don't know whether to laugh, cry or hang me Fecking self. Excellent write up again Thomas.

  2. Excellent piece. I wonder where we'll be in 4 years. Its interesting that the 2nd wave feminists (the interesting ones who aren't misandistric loonies) have completely disowned this lot.

  3. Looks like you nailed it;-

  4. FYI - the video has been pulled.