Thursday, 1 October 2015

The Deepest Shadow is Always Cast by the "Purest" Light

Bernard Manning. A 'Hated' British Comedian from the 1970's who Told 'Disgusting' and 'Offensive' Jokes while Clean Cut and Respectful British Entertainers from the Same Era who Attacked Him, were either Turning a Blind Eye to, or Raping Children and Young Adults. 

I think if there is one overwhelming trait all pathological predators have is they are not 'real' people in how they present themselves to the world. 

They PRETEND to be offended by everything from dirty jokes to anything politically incorrect for no other reason than they want to be seen in a 'gentle soul' light or somehow 'pure'. 


Family Friendly and Peaceful Motherfuckers? You mean the ones constantly passing moral and behavioural judgements upon others while presenting their own 'respectable' persona to deliver their evaluations? Can you only imagine how dark their own shit must be that they are trying to distract from?

The biggest monsters ALWAYS hide behind a 'family friendly' clean image while holding a religious text or teddy bear. Look at Bill Cosby and Jimmy Savile...'clean, family' entertainers. Look at the child rapist weather man on Good Morning wearing his 'cute' cardigans while being all clean image and nice. Not to mention, all the rapists in the churches and New Age scene. 

A Clean Cut, Family Friendly, Gentle Soul Child Rapist

Never Told Dirty Jokes, Charity Worker, Raped Hundreds and Had Sex with Dead Bodies

Clean Cut Family Entertainer, Chastised Black Comics for Using 'Profanity' When he Wasn't Drugging and Raping Women

Very Politically Correct Social Justice Activist, who Used his Job in Social Services to target Young men on the Margins of Society so he Could Murder them, Have Sex with their Corpses and then Chop them up to Flush them Down the Toilet

Meanwhile, Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols was the Most Hated and 'Vile' Person and who Was the Only One Calling the Shots on Jimmy Savile Back in the Day and Look How He was Treated by the Media...

And yet, many are still so sublimely  moronic, dumb assed motherfuckers that they think a 'clean' image is a prerequisite to being a trustworthy person.

Get the flying fuck outta here with that shit!

I have yet to meet a single Politically Correct type who was not a piece of wicked and rotten hate-filled shit behind their sanctimonious judgement of others. The world is filled with despicable "Yoni Mother Goddess" posting memes and poetry about themselves while neglecting their own real children between their non stop 'episodes' and witch hunts. 

All fakes. FAKES, FAKES and more FAKES.

A real person is one who is not concerned with maintaining an image of purity and piety while looking for 'evidence' that others are not as wonderful and perfect as they are. Only a piece of shit, and very often a psychopath, does this. This is why I consider whores to be better people than saints. I know who is not acting like a saint.

I couldn't give a shit what some dead eyed arseholes think of me because they are arseholes who are almost certainly, the lowest scum of all hiding behind their own even more rotten bullshit. Sane and normal people can see these pieces of shit and their 'terrified' smear campaigning for what it is. How it is used to distract from their own, even more horrid wickedness and manipulation. Give me people who tell me to 'get fucked' over the ones who say 'namaste' or 'bless you' and then knife me in the back.

Only psychopaths see themselves as perfect and then use this as their weapon to attack.

I'm fucked up, you're fucked up. We are all fucked up in one way or another. It is what makes us human beings. So stop listening to sanctimonious, self-righteous, clean image, types and run to safety among the real people who are not demanding your perfection constantly. 'Crude' people are the ones who will watch your back. Ask any service person who was in a combat situation.

Namaste Motherfuckers.


  1. I agree - Beware of progressives, the overtly politically correct, religions judgemental types (Jews, Christians and Muslim) who claim to have high morals and wholesome family entertainers because the odds are high that they're dangerous, deceitful, lying scum bags who have created their front of respectability to hide behind.

    1. All cults, the ones who channel, say a death comet is foretold if you do not do as they tell you, Socialist Workers Party, Psychopath 'Recovery' Forums, Buddhist communes, etc are all fronts for the most vicious and evil monsters to hide inside of.

      All 'family friendly' on the outside. Like Bill Cosby and Jimmy Savile.

      Never trust anyone who is professionally squeaky clean on the surface. They are often rotten to the core underneath. Especially if they point the finger constantly at others for not being as wonderful and pure as they are.

  2. Hear, hear!!!!!
    Just an old woman, but still living in butt sniffing "kanata", with 2 kids and a well known husband, I'd rather sign anonymous, for the time being. Soon, I hope, I'll be able to fart in peace, and no one will dare sniff my butt, the sulfur odour will kill them instantly.

  3. PC ers are the biggest BS ers of them all