Tuesday, 22 September 2015

John Lennon is Still Being Assassinated for Telling the Truth

I really have to laugh at these sanctimonious, arm-wringing gobshites who are in their latest state of extreme hysterical convulsions over the video of John Lennon on speed, nearly 50 - YES FIFTY -  years ago making fun of disabled people on some shit TV show. He was just being an immature young guy from a troubled background who had probably been up for four nights straight, then going on a stupid TV show full of stupid jokes that haven't aged well. He was hardly endorsing the genocide of disabled people. He was just being a dick. Get over it.

I don't even like the Beatles music, but this is just moronic how people are behaving over this. The post-Ceil the Lion mass hysteria is creating withdrawal symptoms in the easily rattled.

(but hey, they are still humans oh seekers of perfection in all others but yourselves...)

My my, haven't we all become so sanctimonious and 'oppressed' since the 1990s when Ben Elton left his multi-millionaire family upbringing to lecture us all on how to be 'inclusive' and 'tolerant' and to embrace something called 'diversity'. Funny, I haven't seen that rich prick move into the high-rise council estate I grew up in? Oh! It's not THAT KIND of diversity. Gotcha Benny!

Popular culture and society in general is so fake and superficial. Things that were mundanely 'offensive' years ago now 'shock' people for no other reason than Political Correctness has 'coached' them to be shocked.

This 'shock' is not a personal realisation the sanctimonious have come to by themselves. They were brought there. Their 'outrage' is completely engineered for them. The same Politically Correct types of today who are so 'offended' these days, back in the time of the Roman Colosseum would be watching people eaten by lions like everyone else then. No leadership had yet ordered them to become disgusted and shocked.

When I see people today watching harmless Carry On films and 'sexist' things like that and they are 'shocked' - I know I am dealing with a complete tosser without a single independent thought in their heads. While it is perfectly understandable we are left speechless by the true horrors/socially destructive bigotries of the past, the easiest thing to do is to judge someone from another time and another place using today's superficial morality/political correctness.

The past is another country, and the inhabitants are very foreign. They are not evil, they are just another tribe apart from us by time and ethics, rather than distance and language. They were still humans who laughed, loved and cried. And yes, they did and said stupid things like we all do.

Political Correctness and the new puritanical 'moral righteousness' is just a new mechanism by which to dehumanise strangers who never did us any personal harm. Which brings me to the title of this post and why John Lennon was murdered and why, to this day, the ruling classes have a vested interest in digging up his corpse and killing him OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN:


  1. Check out this theory of Lennon:


  2. L M F A O!

    I Just heard on a talk show that john lennon is alive and well living in michigan working as....

    a john lennon impersonator!

    Supposedly has a perfect liverpool accent and lots of beatles memorabilia...the real expensive stuff

    they will never let him be

    what a planet we lI've on

  3. just saw a dream and text was build as i was waking up.

    like christianity externalises the dark side as satan.
    seeking their control over it from outside control structure.
    living in denial, feeding their broken self with addiction/repetition ritual.

    thomas sheridan externalises dark side as a psychopath.
    in simulacra.

    (remember me as devoted christian. as deluded as the best of em. could be sheridans mantra!)

  4. Lennon to be assassinated again in a new book: The Great British Dream Factory: The Strange History of Our National Imagination, by Dominic Sandbrook. Not the first time such a book has been published, as anyone who has read Albert Goldman's The Lives of John Lennon will know.