Monday, 10 March 2014

Activists: Choose Your Causes Carefully. Some People Are Self Made Disasters

We all screw up in our lives and make terrible mistakes. Dealing with the errors of one's existence is an evolutionary process. We all have the capacity for both self-destruction and salvation built into all of us. Understanding the difference between the two, allows us to become better people. Forever blaming others, or pointing at exterior factors we could have avoided in the first place, only leads to entropy and a colder, misguided society.

I have sympathy for people who are genuinely damaged by a recession or a downturn. I have all the time in the world for people who, during an economic boom, sincerely attempted to set up a life for themselves and their family by capitalising in on the 'good times'. However, when I read stories like this I remind myself why activists have to be very careful whom they choose to champion. 

Rory Askins-Byrne is a Dublin taxi driver who is now the poster boy for post-Celtic Tiger ruin. The only issue is, that he caused it all himself. This serves to remind us all, that Irish activists and protesters should direct their energies towards the real victims: the working poor, disabled, elderly and not Civil Servants and ruined greedy speculators who were driven by greed and materialism. These are not victims. The highlighting of the plight of 'entitled' Civil Servants, Semi-State Unions and self-made fallen 'hot shots' such as Rory Askins-Byrne, only serve to take the attention off the people in Irish society who never had a chance, or a voice to begin with. These are the only ones worth fighting for.

"He laughs mirthlessly when he recalls his initial foray into overseas investments. Fair City was to blame. It wasn’t until Askins-Byrne saw a character in the RTÉ soap buying a holiday home in eastern Europe that the notion even crossed his mind. A week later, he picked up a classifieds magazine and saw apartments selling in a Bulgarian resort for as little as €5,000. He bought one on his credit card."

Incredible as it seems. He decided to become a hot-shot property investor (using his credit card!) because a stupid Irish TV soap opera told him to do so via the storyline! Which proves the point that I have always made; that you should not watch TV. Many people can't handle the telly-box and do everything the telly-man orders them to do. TV is loaded with Neuro-Linguistic Programming designed to get you to be a slave to the system. 

Even so, he is just one of many who lost the run of themselves and now claim " it wasn't our fault, blame it all on the banks" and while the banks were indeed run - in some very obvious cases - by psychopaths and criminals, people such as Rory Askins-Byrne were also responsible for the runaway inflation in house prices which made it impossible for people to find a reasonable place to live. They increased the demand for property, with higher and higher bids and therefore, the prices shot up dramatically, along with the cost of rents. They were not trying to provide a home for themselves and their families. They were trying to make a quick killing in the property market to boost their own ego and social standing. This is not a victim. This is a gambler who crapped out.

When the system goes down and you gambled your life doubt they'll create a new series of Soap Opera stories you can 'relate' to concerning your hardship... The Lords of Perception never miss a trick. 

There really is a sucker born every minute. Activists, do not be a sucker yourselves and waste your energies on people such as Rory Askins-Byrne. There are many, many others who deserve it more, and who did not flounder on the rocks of their own greed and materialism. What people such as Rory Askins-Byrne can't discover by themselves, is that there is more to life than loads of money and lavish materialism to impress your peers with. 

Maybe the Soap Opera script writers can do a storyline to teach him this in future?


Thomas Sheridan is an independent alternative artist, author, satirist, musician, public speaker, broadcaster and researcher currently based in the West of Ireland. His illustrations have appeared on the covers of newsstand magazines, books and websites worldwide. 

The Anvil of the Psyche is considered a vital manual for personal and social survival in a world controlled by greed and false hopes. Thomas' writings and interviews have evolutionised people to build a firewall around their own psyche and not to be lured into handing over personal independence to an exterior collective or guru. As a result, his NO CONTACT EVER AGAIN philosophy applied to controlling individuals and groups has made Thomas an enemy of mind-controlled death cults and neo-Nazi fringe groups.  Thomas has also been featured in several films and documentaries. 

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