Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Transhumanism, Pop Culture and Paedophiles - A Match Made in Hell

Bearing an Incredibly Disturbing Resemblance to Missing English Girl Madeline McCann, British Woman Isabella Palermo (VenusAngelic) in her Real Doll Persona

As British mass media whip up hysteria over 'historical sex offences' (always involving male on female alleged crimes) in collusion with frantic Civil Servants and QUANGO 'Change Agents' continuing to get the general public to accept a much lower the age of consent in order to prevent several British politicians (some caught in hotel rooms with young boys) from going to prison, one aspect of this normalisation of child rape which has passed us by during the histrionics and new paradigm creation, has been the role that the Transhumanist Movement/Culture is playing in all this.

From Puzzling People by Thomas Sheridan (2011):

It gets even more worrying with the recent developments in sex toys for men. Artist Matt McMullen creates and markets disturbingly realistic female sex dolls under the brand name of RealDoll™ complete with orifices, real-to-the-touch skin and hair and with moving parts and programmable personalities. These sex dolls can cost up to $10,000 each and the demand is huge. Customers report having developed emotional bonds with their RealDoll™ after having had sex with them. One RealDoll™ owner had a customised one made in the image of his dead girlfriend. Another carries a picture of his doll around in his wallet as if it was his real wife and snuggles up with his RealDoll™ while watching TV. 

Another realistic sex doll producer, TrueCompanion even supplies Frigid Farrah, who will spurn and resist sexual advances in order for her owners to rape her. What is truly unsettling is that much like the breast implants industry which became popular via the sex industry, will future generations of young women feel compelled to mimic increasingly realistic sex robots in order to get a real man? These sex dolls also foster and legitimise psychopathic behaviour in men who purchase them as pretend sexual assault victims. The implications for society as a whole are worrying to say the least. Unless of course you are a transhumanist psychopath who sees this as a technological dream come true. 

Since the publication of Puzzling People, we have witnessed the emergence of the Real Doll or Human Doll culture which is a fusing the Transhumanist and Paedophile-Normalisation agenda into a psychopathic horror story. Things have only become more surreal and well frankly...fucked up. 

Humans are now actively destroying their own natural sentient experiences and casting off everything that makes them human as they merge between Pop Culture and the Machine. The underlying drive is presently for new forms of human exploitation and soul-destroying 'advancements' by 'Lords of Perception' normalising new forms of sexuality in order to make the bond between humans and machines blurred. It has been like this since the paedophile psychopath Kinsey launched his sexual revolution funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. Their freak show continues.

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  1. Nobody's got any sex drive anymore anyway because we're all told to eat high carb low fat diets; but the body needs saturated fat and cholesterol to make sex hormones as well as keeping our hearts and brains healthy. It's a big scam to keep everybody sick and addicted to opiate wheat (Dr.William Davis).

    Every cell in our bodies contains cholesterol. We NEED it to survive (Dr.Michael Rothman). CHOLESTEROL IS NOT A DIRTY WORD. Ignore the food pyramid; it reminds me of another ubiquitous pyramid.