Thursday, 14 November 2013

Ravenfield Random Thoughts

"Heavy Metal, Punk, Industrial and early Hip-Hop are the nearest thing to shamanism we have in the modern age. Shaking your head to a pounding riff and a driving beat cleans the psychology of repressed rage and channels out the darkness. This then results in a more relaxed and healthy society for all. The negativity and dark subject matter within the lyrics provides a cathartic panacea to a world run by greedy lunatics. We didn't need primal scream therapy or Ritalin growing up - we had Motorhead and The Stooges instead."

"I made a promise to myself a few years ago that if a religion lasts a thousand years, then, even on some philosophical level, it has to have some merit, and it deserves respect. The schism between the mainstream religions and the fringe types serves to underpin why atheism and agnosticism are such vital, stabilising forces in the modern world."

"One can tell who has been a genuine victim of a psychopathic abuse situation. You feel the intensity of their broken soul and it can bring you to tears just watching how these people look down when they talk, and their overall lack of energy. They are filled with a kind of paralysing heartbreak and muted deep trauma and are not obsessed with hatred and revenge. They won't spend their time on their alleged abuser's social networking page making fun of photos of the new life without them. They find it too painful to even look. The genuine victim won't transfer their own frustrations and unresolved pointless vendetta onto another useful target when their initial object of hate pays them no attention. The genuine victim wants to forget and just restore themselves and seek to understand this experience and what they can learn from it. Then, and only then, can meaningful recovery be attained."

"The aliens are not here, and if they exist at all, they would have more interesting things to do than visit the planet which created FOX News, Boybands and the Chia Pet."

"The endgame of this on-going onslaught on the human mind via everything from fashion, to the financial markets, political spin, to sexual identity politics—all delivered through corporate and state-sanctioned art forms, is to ensure that the majority of the population are unable to attain personal independence and emotional satisfaction. Such feelings of independence and psychological well-being can only be derived from within oneself. This sense of autonomy is therefore considered a major obstacle to the merchants of nonsense. They can't sell you products, ideas, emotions and solutions if you do not need them. So they seek to create these emotional and psychological defects within us all, and then, sell us the means to repair them. With a 1,000% mark-up, naturally."

"No Need for a victim complex. Life is for us to experience/engage with and deal with the good and the bad. Make your life the best one you can make."


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  2. Try look up...Masaru Emotos work regarding words and musics effect on water. And as
    we are 75 % water...try imagine Heavy Metal music effect on us..... not good i would say
    Heavy metal music seems kind of destructive for me..and kind of selfdestructive for listeners i think. There are far more articulated and intelligent way , through lyrics and music out there. Its low vibrations...and wont help us develop more sublime and autentic feelings and intelligens. As for the aliens on Earth...:)) something not that very nice seems to be here and influence us...could be something alien to the human psyche....