Tuesday, 30 July 2013

DHS Fans of My Radio Show

With all the hacking happening into my Facebook page - then on the day I leave Facebook the Department of Homeland Security become fans of my radio show.


  1. yea that might be me. just looking for help and healing working in an environment completely run by psychopaths. In fact, you must be one in order to get promoted.


    life on the blacklist
    a punishment for truth
    can’t win for loosing
    when self-defense is a sin
    and those without conscience
    make their way up the chain

    stepping on bodies
    they fucked the night before

    ganging up on the educated
    whom they pathologically fear
    punishing integrity
    when the lies pile up

    accountability is for those
    lowest in the hierarchy
    with no power to make real change

    life on the blacklist
    marginalized for daring to exist
    rules are for suckers
    and truth is for the dead

    if they can’t kill your body
    they will kill your spirit
    and tell you
    you are killing yourself

    laughing at your pain
    and moving on to the next target
    who was once an accomplice
    and can recognize the smear coming

    from a mile away
    accomplice turned victim
    soaking in guilt and sin
    victim of the smear campaign
    he once designed
    for the target
    of the psychopath who painted herself as victim
    of her victim

    Kira Young ©2013

  3. Fantastic poem Kira! So True

  4. Thanks Lyn. Born of experience and pain.