Friday, 18 December 2015

2015 - The Year of the Hermaphrodite and the Liberation of the Male Psyche

I strongly believe that the Caitlyn Jenner transgender sensation is actually healthy for society as a whole. 

It is the collective psyche of (primarily) the American male revolting against the media and political fed idea that in these times, the only way by which an American male is told he can be a 'hero' is either putting on a uniform and killing Muslims for oil, or having sex with a Kardashian Hecate archetype.

Hecate, the Dead Queen of the West and Her (current) Hollywood Archetypal Representation, Kim Kardashian. Both Seek to Destroy Manhood. 'She That Removes' the Phallus. 

This beautiful dynamic is perfectly expressed as a single archetype by Mr/Ms Jenner, who, unleashes that shadow - AT THE PRECISE SAME MOMENT - when Connor McGregor arrives from Ireland to remind American men what they are supposed to be. Men and not 'Oil Mercenaries'.

The Viking Seiðr Workers (pronounced 'seider') were sometimes either Gay or Hermaphrodite Shamans as the Norse believed that such men were more easier able to enter the magical realms. Ironically in a society that produced the Berserker, the most feared male was a Gay man with magical powers.

We are living in a world of magic, yet most fail to see it for what it is. More's the pity, as it can make our lives more richer and less confusing when we have this awareness.

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  1. Link at foot of article not working.

  2. I heard O.J. was actually the father of Khloe

  3. "More here" takes me to error 404

  4. OT:

    Mr. Sheridan,

    Would you say this is an adequate portrayal of a psychopath:

  5. Hey Thomas! its about time you got a tip jar. I was beginning to feel guilty (as I have been properly programmed) about getting free entertainment.

    Have many beers on me and keep sharing. The work is SO IMPORTANT to whacky old ladies like me.

    Even though I still think the Jenner thing is just creepy.

    But what the hell...beyonce and Nikki minaj and gaga are all males too... SO AMUSING.

    BUT morally decadent just like in roman times

    And we all know where that leads.

  6. researching genetic mutations that took place to lead to current psychopatic elites.. reversing genetics.. epigenetics.. for common folks

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  8. Yep,Jenner thing creepy..And Connor interesting..fighting men and women is a fascinating subject!

  9. I find sex-changes disturbing. I don't understand people who mutilate their bodies like this.

    I fancy tattoos and piercings, go figure (it's self-expression.)

    That being said, I'm very happy people have the freedom to get such procedures if they feel it necessary :) Everyone deserves the right to be who they want.

  10. Slightly offtopic though not entirely irrelevant to the subject matter, concerning your video about the consciousness cycle, 99 lunar cycles take up 8 years, not 7. If we take 9/11 and the '08 financial debacle as possible ends/beginnings, then we are indeed dealing with a 7-year cycle (and I've seen this number mentioned in many other places connected with cycles), but that corresponds with around 86 or 87 lunar cycles, which is more than a few months off. The next 99th cycle will be on Dec. 26, 2023, almost exactly 8 years after the last one (assuming the online calendars are accurate)

  11. Giants. Gravity yes, unlikely yes. However, what if the Earth's gravity was different in times past? Could this explain the huge creatures and flying reptiles? A change in the existing model of cosmogony. Endorsed by; Velikovsky/Michael Cremo/Steiner/Electric Universe theory etc. The Thunderbolts Project & a guy called Troy McLachlan have, sober, inelligent and constructive arguements for such a scenario. I would love to hear your thoughts on this Thomas. All the very best, thanks for your stuff (desperately waiting for WP Nights 2:) SM :)

  12. Leading up to the peak date of the 99 moon cycle, I've noticed an inordinate amount of ear ringing. It really started a few days before the solstice, and has continued through the present. I realize new agers talk all kinds of nonsense in regards to this issue, but it seems to be a very real and forteanly interesting phenomena.