Tuesday 14 January 2014

The Repeating Windbag Psychopath

I would not go as far as suggesting this is a possible common psychopathic trait, but it has been noted by others, and this is the phenomena of psychopaths repeating certain 'nuggets' of information over and over again as if they never uttered these statements before. These 'anecdotes' or 'concepts' are so regularly pontificated, that someone in a long term relationship with a psychopath can easily predict when these statements will be made in a particular circumstance.

A psychopath will commonly tell you about something one evening and them repeat it verbatim the following night. At first you think you might be dealing with an individual with memory or recall issues, but after a while you realise they really do make these statements every time for their own benefit and not anyone else. The psychopath likes to remind his or herself how amazing and visionary he or she is. Hence, why psychopaths make excellent cult leaders as the kinds of people who join cults generally want repetitive validation of the dogma. A psychopath repeating the same jargon over and over again for decades fits the bill perfectly. Party politics works along the same idea and we know psychopaths are often instinctual politicians.

This constant repetition of 'grand statements' and 'ideas' is probably indicative of the psychopath's persona switching. In that the previous version of the psychopath who pontificated on a particular matter to you last night, is not the same one who is repeating verbatim the PRECISE SAME STORY, WORD FOR WORD again to you tonight, next week and next year. It's not just the same idea they relay to you. It's the same wording:

"You know, I once watched this movie called The Devil's Advocate and there was a scene with a pool on the roof of a skyscraper..."

"You know, I once watched this movie called The Devil's Advocate and there was a scene with a pool on the roof of a skyscraper..."

"You know, I once watched this movie called The Devil's Advocate and there was a scene with a pool on the roof of a skyscraper..."

At the end of the day you are simply not worthy of being considered or even being known to the psychopath, even if you are in a family, workplace or in a relationship with them. They honestly don't give a fuck about you unless they 'require' you as a device of some sort.

"I can't believe you exist! I struck you right off my list." - 'No Class' by Motorhead

Another issue I have noticed with psychopaths, which also gives credence to the fact they are not brain damaged, is how a psychopath who has no use for you, won't recall your name. They will never address you by your name unless you can be used somehow. Otherwise, it is as if you never existed. Because to them you don't. 

However if they require something from you, or you are useful to them, they'll recall your name as well as it is their own. This is what people who are in romantic or 'loving' relationships with psychopaths are the most traumatised by: how they just switch the former target OFF as if this human being and all the interactions they shared with them never existed.

Watch out! Now here comes the motherfucker of a smear campaign by the psychopath and its enablers.

Just business.


  1. I lived thought that I know!

  2. Psychopaths will make you feel worthless because to them you are actually worthless if you are not wealthy or a person of influence that they want something from. And because non-psychopaths are empathetic we pick up on this, epigenetics takes over, our brain chemistry is affected and we feel worthless.

    The solution as Thomas says is No Contact Ever Again even if it is your own mother, father or a sibling. Empathetic people are phenomenal, inspiring, miraculous, sovereign beings who deserve to enjoy every moment of this sacred life that we have been gifted. Don't feed the vampires rather view their existence as proof that evil exists and therefore they are proof that our souls are heaven-bound in this dualistic universe.

  3. Psychopaths make you feel worthless because to them you actually are worthless. To them everybody is worthless because everybody is not them. They are all that matters in their world. You have to avoid these people even if it's your own parents or a sibling. They will bring you down.

    It's the same with the world and life in general because we live in a psychopathic world unfortunately. And it's very difficult to avoid the world:) For instance, I've had to start drawing the dole lately and the lady in the post office always tries to make me feel bad about myself when I'm collecting a payment. I can't avoid her so instead I'll say things like "Mind the cold luv". When or if I'm still saying this to her in the summer then she'll get the message although I think she understands. If she continues with the attitude then I will start saying things like "my wallet is looking very old and haggered". You have to show these people that you can beat them at their own game so they won't even play.

    You have to be on your guard and keep your emotions in check. It's your Achilles heel and they will go for it every time like a rottweiler to the jugular. Your unique weapon is your creativity, That is something they don't have and never will. Maybe that's what makes them so envious of empaths. And you should only fight and win when each battle presents itself, learn from the losses and spend the rest of the time enjoying this world that is a lot more nuanced than it appears.

    Peace and respect.

  4. The blogspot.ie comments section doesn't work very well. Can't blame psychopaths for everything I suppose:)

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  8. Good post. Food for thought.