Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Smile from the Stranger

I am starting to see more and more how some of us who are seeking to evolve away from the mainstream in a creative-consciousness sense, can spot each other in the street, or in room full of strangers. It's a non-suspicious, very gentle 'eye-contact' often followed by a smile, followed by a knowing 'ah, you're on this journey too...' glance. It feels so nice. It feels right because it is right.

Happens me a lot now. Others I've spoken too notice it also. Like a kind of Gaydar for the ones looking for a breakthrough out of this bullshit, fucked-up, X-Factor reality. It's a very pleasant moment when it happens.

This is why so many of you in recent years have lost friends. This is also why people you have grown out of, and who thought they were coming with you, but were not ready in themselves yet - have become so angry. You had to cut that anchor chain. You are not rejecting them, you are handing them their freedom back. They are still lost in dead ideas such as nationalism, political action, the need for dogma and the most dangerous of all; waiting for the arrival of the Revolution/Space Brothers/Second Coming or some individuality-destroying 'event' which will change the world so they do not have to change themselves.

It's a completely independent and solitary process. No guru, leader, teacher or anyone else can take you there. We can only cross the bridge single file. No looking back. 

Waking up is not a lonely process, it is the hero's journey. Pain and suffering, reward and pleasure. A package deal. But you see the others who got to the other side. More coming everyday.


  1. Agreed. The best form of political activism is passivity. Opt out of the system and do as little as possible to feed it. Simple pleasure, simple life, simple friendships based on common interests does more to subvert the dominant paradigm than anything else.

    Don't have a stock portfolio. Invest in your community. Catherine Austin Fitts has a website called 'Solari,' where she describes in practical detail, how this can be done.

    The process of individuation, described by Jung-- and the the hero's journey out of the particular corporate hell we are in now, requires LESS effort. The 'work' for so many who think the answers lie in political solutions, is the letting go of dogma. Each 'ism' is sown with the seeds of it's own destruction. And each political solution will conform to the underlying spirit of our technocratic times, which is to create a hive mind. This is at odds with what is necessary--more diversity in the collective personality structure--and loose cohesion, rather than strict conformity.

    The ultimate gift of being targeted by a psychopath is we have had the unique opportunity to be subject to some force that was 180 degrees opposite of it's appearance. To become cynical about the promise of a 'better day,' a 'new life', being handed to us, either by individuals or groups is wise.

    Thank you for this article, Thomas.


  2. It's all on ME, and I accept that because I am Creator Conscious. He's right; it's the hero's journey.