Thursday, 8 August 2013

Grist for the Demonic Mill

Caution: if you are thinking about bringing your own public 'awareness' to the psychopath/sociopath issue be warned, the forces of darkness lurking behind these entities will eventually arrive on your doorstep looking to cash-in their chips. This is not a fun game of 'my Ex is a Narc because I say so!'.. this is rolling dice with the Devil.

When you enter into this game, you play in the most hardcore casino there is. Unless you know what is really behind the psychopathic entity and have the nerve to confront it, I promise you that the House will take your soul to the cleaners. This is the main reason why there is so much mass hysteria, hate-fuled psychosis and mental illness on 'recovery' forums. These are essentially just virtual farms for the cultivation of skulls full of demons, who go in there to 'get payback' at their ex, when they may well end up being harvested by the same dark energy which brought them their ex in the first place.

Lots of clueless Jilted Jennys and Jilted Johns getting into this game now thinking they can be 'Psycho-Slayers', 'Narc-Hunters' and 'Spath-Bashers'. All these people will end up being fodder for the devil. It's not a game anyone can play. You have no idea what awaits you and you better have balls of steel or a Shaman present if you know one. Even if the 'spath' they claimed to have abused them was never a pathological individual to begin with, a door to Hell is opened by amateur people invoking these rationalisations, revenge fantasies and sexual frustrations. All the food sources psychopath-entities feed upon.

Your Ex 'Narc' may not arrive on your doorstep at 4AM...but I can assure other things will and your teddy bears, Ouija boards, 'latest DNA research' and recovery forum won't be there to help you.

It'll be you all alone staring into the flung-opened gates of hell and you may never know peace again.


  1. Revenge and hatred are dangerous things - indulge in them and it will come back on you

  2. Indeed Josh, it's actually rewires the neural networks and sends people into insanity.

  3. Exactly Thomas- hatred changes who you are and it affects your health and drains your energy
    These people don't realise they are giving their power away...we've all been jilted and had bad experiences in relationships - me included-we all get angry,hurt,depressed but at some point we all have to move on and make good lives for ourselves
    if these people have indeed been a victim of a psychopath, going on a vengeful 'Spath hunting' or 'Narc hating'rampage is not hurting the predator at all- they are just hurting themselves - which plays right into the predators' hands
    Yet another avenue of control of the victim

  4. Hi guys
    Check out Thomas your probably already familiar with this. Stay in her story (Gaiasophia). Join the Gaian Navigation Crew and let's sail the mother ship to her true course. This has given me so many answers and reset my Neuro linguistic programming NLP.

    See you in Waveform Somerset Thomas, it really is amazing the work that your producing. Research and Artwork. Youve inspired me to get the paintbrushes back out myself.

    With regards to your Moon dream 3. Have you heard the story of Mantis in the lemon quartz cave and Sophia pouring amber when you feel her presence? Could be something in it, who knows?

    Thanks again Dan

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  6. Hey Thomas,
    I've been thinking about bringing my own public 'awareness' to the psychopath/sociopath issues, well actually its en-evadable because of my rebel nature. My rebel nature is the reason why Im where I am now (more knowledgeable) but its also the reason why I've taken the long hard road to get where I am (late self education) I've been a lone wolf all the way, but Im just at the point now where I need to share my research with someone I can trust (in layman's terms) before attempting to format it and release it. Any advice ?

  7. I pursued justice in a very limited and symbolic way, against the person who targeted me. It took just a few months and it was, 'successful.' The upside is I managed to get answers to some essential questions. Before I began, I had to be very calm and clear headed, so I waited until I was emotionally detached.

    The downside was, having reached emotional detachment, justice required that I mentally and emotionally re-tether myself to a monster. When I found myself getting angry I would detach and get back to it when I was clear again. It took tremendous mental and emotional discipline. I wouldn't suggest other people try all.

    I think anger and hatred exist as part of what Rupert Sheldrake refers to as a morphogenetic resonating field. The demons and archons absolutely play there as Thomas highlights. You can easily become what you are fighting against.

    So many times, while I set the wheels of justice in motion, I found myself standing on the edge of the field. That edge isn't demarcated clearly and that's roughly where the line between justice and revenge is blurred. Most of us should never go there.

    I don't know if it was ego, offended sense of justice, or it represented a creative adventure, or what. Perhaps it was all of these and more. I got out alive, not embittered, and not paranoid. I'm very lucky.