Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Great British Badger Blood Sacrifice - Symbols and Pathological Archetypes

You have got to hand it to the landed gentry don't you. Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing gets in the way between their psychopathic desires for pointless slaughter and a Pimms No.1 afterwards. Oh how they glory is the destruction of innocent animal flesh, the tormented howls of creatures screaming in agony, and then taking extra comfort in the slaughtered animal's youngsters dying of starvation when their mother does not return.

The badger cull in the UK is one big, sick, aristocratic blood ritual. Ecology my arse. Start burning down stately homes if you want a more ecologically balanced countryside. As Oscar Wilde termed these rituals "the unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable." These vicious bastards just can't help themselves, and these days going to Africa and murdering elephants and everything else in sight is not as fashionable as it used to be. However, the gentry still love to party like it's 1666.

Badgers are special creatures. Hence, why they are targetted. Teutonic folklore considers the badger the peace-loving country dweller who loves his home, family and comfort. Is there something more esoteric to this mass slaughter which has been over looked? Gaelic mythology also holds the badger in very high esteem. They are considered shape-shifting comrades to the High Kings of Tara. In one story, Tadg - one of the Tara Kings - chastises his adopted son for having killed and skinned a badger.

So here we have two European folklore traditions which consider the badger the epitome of all that is good in the world: love of community, peace and co-habitation with nature. So why are the British aristocrats hell-bent on bathing in oceans of badger blood then?

If one is to look at this in archetypal terms; then the peaceful and family loving badger would be a perfect symbol for the current unleashing of hatred the British nobility are foisting upon the ordinary people of the UK. The despicable Bedroom Tax could be seen as the destruction of the home life of the ordinary British citizen. The seizing of children from their parents by psychopathic social services mirrors the fate which the British ruling classes are also determined to foist upon the young badgers as their parents are baited 'legally' for his lord's and ladyship's fancy.

The archetypes always comes streaming through. Brutality is a seam which pathologically runs through man and beast when one and all remain under the yoke of a psychopathic leadership. Defenceless animals and defenceless humans are the quarry of the psychopathic nobility. They make no distinction. Innocence and purity are to be eviscerated in the name of aristocratic sustainability. Which is a countryside filled with stately homes, GMO crops, golf courses and millions of murdered badgers.


  1. There are Scans that can show up the mind of a Psychopath! They have to be removed from human society and placed on the Far side of the Moon, with any luck, they will finish each other off.

  2. We'll remove them by exposing them and cutting off their food supply.