Sunday, 21 July 2013

Jim Fixed it For Me to Get an Interesting EVP?

The tension in the studio was very intense when I started to talk my way through this report and I can tell you I was very upset and emotionally rattled by the end of it. With a real feeling was being watched from behind. I was alone.


'I wasn't caught' 18-19 seconds. - J.D.

"(feminists) " invented by the aristocrats .. to destroy the traditional family structure so the state can actually run people effectively than the local { Audible Roar sound) culture" That is the biggest spike I seen. it was at around 85hz and you could see it raise like a wave and come back down very visibly." - Roxy

"Whats interesting is only on 3 occasions did I see any spikes that could be deemed as separate from your actual voice. Other , and very clear noises I heard in the recording , actually did not seem to register on the analyser, even though they were audible? I keep going over it and wandering why that is ?" - Roxy

"Not to sound superstitious, but feelings of being watched (reported by Thomas), pressure headaches (experienced by me while listening), and feelings of nausea (reported by Linda W yesterday I believe) are ALL common to demonic activity. The scientific enquiry into this is even more interesting to me because it underlines my feelings on it. Define it however we like....we are in effect all talking about the same thing." - Lisa BB

"5:45 there was the most audible "other" voice.............. if you isolate it and play it at loud volume it sounds like someone whispering "forget". after Thomas talking about 666. gave me shivers" - Roxy

Thanks to Patrick Healy for this. Patrick can explain better than me - basically the sound is there but not being caused by sonic waves? Shane Finzer for audio analysis - which hears to me like voices either trying to tell me something or angry at me.


  1. I remember listening to that segment of your show and I was creeped out - I heard all those strange noises
    I don't know what it was but something was going on and it made me feel uneasy
    I've seen clips relating to Jimmy Saville and from what ive seen there was something sinister something PREDATORY about him
    I agree with you- it wouldn't surprise me if he was found to be serial killer

  2. I found the whole thing-the cover up what he did all the stories and allegations quite disturbing and upsetting
    I wonder and ask myself how could they let this man get away with so much-going by what you've been saying about the psychopathic control grid it starts to make sense