Thursday, 24 August 2017

Did the Recent US Eclipse Demonstrate a Planetary Tilt/Shift?

I am going to post something that is as out there as it gets (well, for me anyway). I also accept that I could
(probably) be completely talking crap.

Has the earth titled on its axis recently, or moved position in space? Or has the earth changed its obit slightly? Is this why so many of us feeling all out of sorts lately, and why the scientific calculations for the recent eclipse were well off as many people have reported back to me that the event began much sooner and had a far more greater effect to the north of the path than was predicted?

One other thing. Last weekend, and the one before, I saw four pigeons in different towns walking along the street in a state of what was clearly confusion. I have never seen pigeons walking along the street unless they were sick or injured. But I saw FOUR in different locations many kilometres apart. They looked lost and disorientated. They were easy meat for cats and the like. We know that pigeons have remarkable navigational abilities due to a highly specialised and extremely sensitive brain functions. I accept this could be the effects of some avian virus, but spread across a large geographic region?

If one creature was going to be damaged by some major shift, tilt in the earth axis or orbit, it would be pigeons.

What about the US Navy ships colliding with merchant vessels? Why is this happening so suddenly. Many of my friends - along with the sense of not 'feeling right' - are reporting strange and intense dreams. On my Facebook page some of my female friends noted that their periods are off too.

But most of all, the incorrect times and placement of the US eclipse. It was way off and normally they are 100% bang on. Has the earth shifted or moved slightly? Is this the reason why people are going bonkers and do not even know their own genders anymore? Sudden obsession with destroying monuments and all kinds of other new pathological behaviour happening all at the same time?


  1. I remember walking through the park after the last total eclipse in Britain and saw a crowd of dozens of Crows walking round in confusion. I have since found out its a fairly common phenomenon after eclipses.

  2. well we live in the Caribbean and on the coast. some days before the eclipse, the waves came washing in at a totally different angle ; very strange. as for feeling funny : very very tired and apathetic . our cat also runs around bouncing happily on any surface she can find at triple speed.

  3. Chemtrails have a lot to answer for as well, which are being really stepped up and with all kinds of lovely extras being added to the already deadly mix. This with all the weather manipulation going on and incredible electrical fields of all kinds being generated in our atmosphere from HAARP and satellites beaming down crap, the introduction of more brain-frying 5G whether we like it or not, it's a wonder any bird knows which way is up, let alone us. But I take on board your point about the earth shifting. It's a very valid one, as more than ever, eclipse aside, we are almost completely in the dark.

  4. This year was the first year they were able to use new software to calculate the shadow of the moon 'accurately'as it would change over the bumpy rock that is earth. If you look at some of the pics the shadow used for calculating time and location looked pretty octoganal. Being a programmer, I'd say the most likely explanation is the software and/or the date input into it.

  5. Maybe the pigeons were disoriented because they stared at the Eclipse without those Magic eclipse glasses... and now they're partially blind.

    Just sayin....

  6. There is an influence that is causing our planet to move in something of a figure 8 pattern as opposed to how it moved prior to this influence which is responsible for the uptick in earthquakes.volcanoes/weather intensity, etc. Soon enough it will be undeniable, this is Kali Yuga and this is just part of the gig. We are riding a rock through the cosmos and what effects the rock effects the riders and systems due to changes in the fields that influence smaller things. Intensity is on an upswing in a great many areas.

  7. You are probably right on this. The scientists probably do know already but to admit it would not go down well with the Global warming brigade.
    I also fed a pigeon the other day that looked totally knackered and confused. Didn't think anything of it until now