Friday, 25 August 2017

Conor McGregor Is A Modern Irish Druid Magician FACT

I can see all the Irish mainstream journalists running to their snowflake safe spaces with a copy of The God Delusion clutched within their nicotine-encrusted and paralytic twitching digits upon reading this headline. However, I am 100% serious. Regardless of whether he knows it or not - intentional or instinctual - Conor McGregor is using magic and sorcery to compliment his remarkable ability as an athlete to become the greatest Irish sports star since George Best. 

Are you still lucid? Then please read on, and I'll state my case while the Irish hacks find something else imaginary to be "deeply offended" by.

"In warfare, the Irish have ghost-like spirits. They can do things other nations can't do."

Thus spoke Chris Eubank, a former Middleweight and Super-Middleweight World Champion in a recent interview, and if anyone should know about the Irish and magic, then he should. He once claimed that before a fight with former Irish World Champion Steve Collins ("The Celtic Warrior") that Collins and his coaching team were using witchcraft on him. There is good evidence for this 'witchcraft' demonstrated in this video here: >>>

Clearly, this 'witchcraft' worked, and Collins won the title. Eubank discovered the real power of sorcery: that being, the ability to change the reality of the environment and situations around oneself using powerful and highly charged/focused streams of energetic intention, words and symbols. It would appear that these tactics became part and parcel of Irish boxing in the years since, and have rubbed off on Conor McGregor to a sensational level.

Conor McGregor is a true Irish bardic magician in the guise of the 'Filid' Bardic Druids of Ireland, who used satires and invocations to demolish their opponents before a single weapon was brandished. This was used in Ireland right up until the Renaissance, when the old Gaelic kingdoms of Ireland were removed with the Flight of the Earls. As we can see, McGregor has an incredible ability to get inside the heads of his opponents, and even when defeated plays the Hermit Card and comes back even more brazen and ambitious. His infamous 'Fuck You' pinstripe suit is nothing less than a magical cloak laden with talismanic power. We laugh, but that's the craftiness in action. A brilliant magican knows that the power of the Fool is the unborn fire of the gods.

Conor McGregor's 'huge ego', which sickens and embarrasses the pathetic, impotent maggots and weasel men of the Irish mainstream media is rooted in a very serious magical ability. This is the power of words: to beguile, enchant and demolish one's adversaries, and it is this Bardic ability that is rooted so deeply within Irish culture and why the average Irish person (and millions of others all over the world) admire him, and is proud/supportive of his achievements. It is the primary reason why McGregor's home town of Dublin has produced the likes of Samuel Beckett, James Joyce and just about every other great writer in the English language. McGregor has just taken the natural 'spell craft' of the Gael and modernised it for the present era. 

McGregor also understands the power of cash. Cash is loaded with talismanic and magical symbols for a reason. From the all-seeing eye of the dollar bill to the star spangled Euro, these are magical symbols. They are put there on purpose for this very reason, regardless of how many times you scream and howl 'conspiracy theory' from your impoverished state. It is still a fact. 

McGregor knows that to 'Flash' the cash is a hugely significant magical operation, as it represents the most powerful force on the planet today. The term 'Lucrative' comes from the same root as the Indo-European root 'leuk-' which literally translates as a 'flash' of the gods, and is where the ancient Indo-European deities Lugh and Loki derive their names. Crafty fellows who 'flash'...

Another example of Conor McGregor's wizardry is how he has transformed from a rather typical Dublin street 'skanger' (I mean no offense, but he did look like that and so did I once) into an incredibly attractive and handsome man. This is another magical craft known as Charisma. The ability so as to shine like a god, and the root of the term means to have the grace of the gods. The craft of Charisma is an ancient magical power. How many of us have met someone we did not find that physically attractive at first, only to get to know them better and suddenly they would become beautiful in the eye of the beholder? That's Charismatic Magic.

Bottom line - if you are not enraged like an unpaid whore hired by Snopes - is that Conor McGregor is fascinating (another magical phrase) to us because he is a modern and real, living Irish Druid Magician.

The upcoming fight in Las Vegas this Saturday night is an epic saga and living mythology to be enjoyed and considered on this basis. All the world's a stage and this has not changed from the time when the druids and magicians of ancient Europe stepped into the magic circle and enchanted and charmed (more magical terminology) the humans of the past under the glow of lights.

In an age where mediocrity reigns, and the likes of David Bowie is no longer with us (on this planet), be thankful we still have the Conor McGregors of this world. Be grateful we can still know that magic is real.

His new book, The Invocation of Strangeness: Meditations on Sorcery and Ritual Magic, will be published in Autumn 2017 MORE INFO HERE >>>


  1. Beautifully written Tom, your eye captures this majik perfectly :-)

  2. Make no mistakes about it, Conor Mcgregor is no ordinary fighter.

    I've heard him allude to it himself -- he is fulfilling his place as a conduit for a very ancient Celtic warrior lineage. He has the momentum of the entire helical spin of the cosmos behind him -- certainly not something you want to casually dismiss.

    He also represents something of the current zeitgeist a 'turning of the tides' so to speak. The momentum is no longer in the established mainstream culture anymore, and deep down they know it.

    The mainstream wants to convince you 'he has no chance', well anyone with a fist has a chance -- so immediately it should be evident there's an agenda with this sort of rhetoric. Just as Trump 'had no chance' or Leicester City 'had no chance'.. well, we're in uncharted territory these days, where anyone or anything against the established milieu has the universe conspiring in favor for it. Even any mildly shamanically oriented person can feel this. Do you think it's a coincidence this is happening only a few days after the eclipse? The jig is up for these folks and Conor recognizes and is riding that wave.

    1. Eclipse for sure it has us all beaming. Go on conor!

  3. It's called confidence, no more no less. He may have used psychological tricks and tools to get himself to a position akin to mythological figures and he is too be praised for that but it's just psychology at the end of the day. Mythology and psychology are close bedfellows. You say he 'McGregor knows that to 'Flash' the cash is a hugely significant magical operation', how do you know he 'knows' this? Do you have inside information? Maybe he just knows that he is good at what he does and is enjoying it! I see his charisma, the light in his eyes, in his photo that you say looks like a photo of a scanger. The druidic magician term that you ascribe to him is not FACT, it's just how Thomas Sheridan contextualises his success.

  4. It is the guise of a druid. He is controlled and detours close to the mark and misses. Put there to send others off the mark - ends up in a punch up. The miss - use of druidry... Druidry of Ireland England Scotland and Wales


  6. What will you guys be saying at the end of the fight, when McGregor lies dying in the ring, unable to spend all that glorious filthy "leuk"?

  7. Fine piece Thomas. A wrinkle about the Eubanks Collins fight. Previously Eubanks had a rivalry with the excellent british fighter Micheal Watson. This culminated in a thrilling contest in which Watson was left permanently brain damaged and physically impaired, A sad fact which Eubanks attributed to Watson's use of hypnotherapy to prime himself for the fight. Eubanks, Like McGregor wore a cloak of arrogance and ruthless invincibility which bore no resemblance to the real man who was evermore remorseful for the bout's outcome. He resolved to never do such damage again. Collins enlisted the help of a well known self help guru and hypnotherapist before his fight with Eubanks, I believe in order to exploit his weakness in not wanting to inflict punishment on a man whose body was remaining upright long after it should have collapsed. Thus Eubanks just couldn't bring himself to finish the job, And Collins snatched the victory. All is fair in love and war as they say.

  8. Oh well - thank goodness hard work, talent, stamina and the best boxer won in the end instead of any hocus pocus, sorcery magician druid shit. It's the more fair and honest outcome, don't you think?

  9. His big twatty Irish gob didn't do him much good though, did it? It's because his fighting skills are those of a hod carrier, compared to a genius like Mayweather. Typical gobby Irishman, gobbed the gob but couldn't walk the walk.