Sunday, 20 October 2013

Only Psychopaths Run Very Personal Smear Campaigns Based on Lies and Distortions

The number one giveaway for recognising a potential psychopath - male or female - heterosexual or homosexual - are organised, on-going, vicious, histrionically-engineered and surprisingly personal smear campaigns. 


The male and female psychopath is obsessed with character assassination and vindictive, almost psychotic vengeance based on fictional events surrounding an individual whom they perceive as a 'enemy'/or have been rejected by. They will also run smear/long-term hate and whispering campaigns to take over the target's position within an organisation or group/workplace. In the case of the female and homosexual psychopath their imaginary victim complex is thus extended to any handy male target. Women are also targets of bullying by female psychopaths in the workplace will be using this same modus operadi.

This stems from the psychopath's hyperactive reptilian-complex in their lower brain stem. Flight or Fight - a psychopath can't reason or debate, THEY WILL GO TO STAGGERING EXTREMES/LIES TO ESCAPE EVEN A BASIC APOLOGY or admission of any wrong-doing. A good example of this would be a female psychopath who spreads a false smear campaigns claiming a man is a sexual pervert, if the man defends himself and it's easily shown she is a liar when the timeliness/numerous witnesses/CCTV footage and so forth prove her outrageous accusations to be false, the female psychopath will never admit guilt, she'll up-the-ante to accuse him of being a potential murderer while claiming she is being bullied by the same innocent man she fingered.

Her ladyship is never wrong...and is always a victim no matter the number of lives she seeks to destroy.

The flood of norepinephrine into their lower brain stems of their primitive lizard-like psychology shoots straight the smear campaign based on lies and distortions and then they run away 'triggering'. It also sends out a message to others 'don't fuck with me...' 

Women who are serial accusers are nearly always female psychopaths. When they get caught lying - no apology - they more than double the nature of the lie and then run away pretending they are the real victim. This is why intelligence services and political fanatical groups/flying saucer cults such as the Socialist Workers Party recruit these malignant monsters in order to throw false accusations, run smear campaigns/character assassinations around attempting to destroy the reputation of 'enemies'. Often the 'enemy' has absolutely no idea they are the enemy until the psychotic and precisely orchestrated tsunami of hatred, lies and distortion are unleashed.

Humans might get angry and hate someone for a while (this is natural)  - only the psychopath makes an industry of VERY personalised smear campaigns. It's an important tactic they use to deflect from themselves. A normal, healthy person has neither the obsessive pathology, nor the emotional energy to run a long-term character assassination campaign. There is a powerful realisation in this: the psychopath FEEDS off the energy from their smear campaigns. It charges them. It is their food.

You know the drill: isolate these incurable vicious monsters, cut off its energy supply, banish to obscurity and social isolation with NO CONTACT EVER AGAIN.

Sometime the 'innocent flower' goes further than a smear campaign - but ya know, she's still the real victim in all this...

Then, after decades of criminal behaviour and industrial level smear campaigning, if the female psychopath finally gets a taste of its own medicine, it, along with its servile, mindless dependent-flotsam declare the predator a 'senior citizen who is being unfairly picked on!"

Have you ever notice there are very similar looking types of female psychopaths? Like they all hatched in the same two or three nests.

Thomas Sheridan is an independent alternative artist, author, satirist, musician, public speaker, broadcaster and researcher currently based in the West of Ireland. His illustrations have appeared on the covers of newsstand magazines, books and websites worldwide. 

The Anvil of the Psyche is considered a vital manual for personal and social survival in a world controlled by greed and false hopes. Thomas' writings and interviews have evolutionised people to build a firewall around their own psyche and not to be lured into handing over personal independence to an exterior collective or guru. As a result, his NO CONTACT EVER AGAIN philosophy applied to controlling individuals and groups has made Thomas an enemy of mind-controlled death cults and neo-Nazi fringe groups.  Thomas has also been featured in several films and documentaries. 


  1. Sorry to say I was practically that husband guy a couple of times in my life, and after the most immense cruelty by my tormentors still stayed for more abuse. Just glad its over now, i've moved on, but would bet that the girls husband in the second youtube video is going to take her back. Your advice, no contact ever, is the only way with these people.

    Is the only way out of the grip of these MONSTERS.
    It can never be said enough times.

  3. Ughhhh what about the guy psychopath..what a disaster of power he is

    1. What about the guy psychopath? Really? The Internet and media focuses only on the male sociopath. The female sociopath is flying under the radar, playing the poor pitiful victim of her abusive alcoholic husband... This blog post is obviously to make people aware of the FEMALE PSYCHOPATH, since many people rarely acknowledge that such exist. If you need info on male psychos, there is plenty of info all over the Internet.

    2. in agreement. "female...flying under the radar."

  4. Hi there just saw the video on psychopaths,i am suffering from the usefull idiot`s.
    I have treid to not rise to peoples nasty comments fitted into every day chat..
    I have been picked on for 8 years now and suffered a nervous breackdown.
    There is no way you can tell anyone without sounding like a perp.
    I wish people would look for proof before sticking the boot into ordinary folk.

    1. It can be your own children that become her flying monkeys.

  5. Finally there is someone willing to look at female sociopaths! Media only recognizes that men are sociopaths/psychopaths or whatever. I cannot begin to even recall how many women I have known that were sociopaths. Not because of the drama they caused. Many woman are dramatic. But that doesn't make them sociopaths. The female sociopath is articulate, and actually acts like she is so caring. But if another women is a threat to her ego she will tear her reputation to shreds behind her back. For 25 years I managed to live a decent life, sure I had my problems, typical Highschool girl drama, backstabbing. But I do not think I was dealing with any female sociopaths. At the time I thought the word psychopath/sociopath was what they called serial killers. I definitely know that not all sociopaths are serial killers now. They blend in and fly under the radar. It seems when a female sociopath is destroying her ex husbands life, everyone writes it off as her being "bi-polar" or stressed. Wtf? I am just glad that you have pointed out that not all females are motherly and nurturing. And are capable of destroying lives. They may not be violent and beat the shit out of their husbands, but the emotional damage is far worse that any physical..

  6. I have learned so much about psychopaths from Thomas Sheridan. He is always correct. There were many traits I had the misfortune to experience in dealing with psychopaths that I thought were just an added evil to their character, but Thomas Sheridan mentioned those traits. He seems to have sociopathy radar. I don't know why he is so familiar with them, but he is. He mentions traits that I do not read in the psychology books written by the experts, not that they don't know, it's just not information that is out there. I am so anxious to follow the next venture of Thomas Sheridan which looks at psychopathy in a paranormal way. I know the psychopaths I have dealt with are pure evil. They have everything in the material sense but in reality they have nothing because they spend their days ruining their next innocent and sometimes sick or disabled victims' lives. I think Thomas Sheridan was born to bring this most important demonic sub species to the awareness of the global community.

  7. I had the horrible misfortune to have a brother (only sibling) and a female cousin who were sociopaths/psychopaths. They immediately bonded despite an age difference. Everyone else in the family was not only normal, but kind and compassionate. These two sociopaths destroyed my life. We grew up in Los Angeles, CA and the large population allowed them many victims without much of a trail. I am much older now and have no idea where they are. In my case, particularly with my brother, it was one insane smear campaign after another. He did not need a reason or at least a reason a human could understand. I could take him out to lunch and we could laugh and I would think it was going to be OK. He reformed I would think. The next day lewd or criminal accusations would start backed up by the sociopathic cousin. They gained nothing, just sadistic pleasure and that smirk. If I sound like Thomas Sheridan's cheerleader it is because he is so absolutely correct about them. For years I greatly suffered as did their other victims alone not knowing what they were up against or why which is the worst and then Thomas Sheridan made "psychopath" a household word for the layman. THEY ARE PURE EVIL! But now you know!!!!!

    But I also spiritually evolved because of my victimization at their hands. I believe in reincarnation and I do not think I would have spiritually evolved had I not been exposed to the evil of a sociopath. It's hard for me to articulate but suffering so much at the hands of evil burns any larceny you might have in your own soul. So when Thomas Sheridan said they have a purpose, they did have a purpose for me.

    In the last video I watched of Thomas Sheridan, it was mentioned that psychopathy had been 'done to death'. NO it can never be done to death until the last psychopath/sociopath is exposed. For we normal people, our survival depends on more information getting to us so that we can manage our lives when confronted by this EVIL. We are still a long way from the world knowing about them and managing them. We need the Thomas Sheridans.

  8. A woman that I use to be friends with because of ex husband is a female sociopath. It was brought to my attention by a colleague of mine. And looking at it now. This crazy b*tch is an evil mean spirited, character assassinating sociopath. She was formerly the assistant district attorney in de soto parish (a neighboring parish in Louisiana). I believe she was ask to resign, after sleeping with the criminal defense lawyer on a high profile case. Then opened her own practice, she seemed to be doing ok, until I saw her face splattered all over the front page of our local newspaper for embezzlement, misappropriate use of funds, theft, bad checks, out standing warrants, and driving with no insurance or license. This woman fits the profile. Her ex husband is the nicest dude I know. I can't believe that he allowed her to do what she did for so long and he turned a blind eye. I believe he was afraid of her. He knew divorce would give her the oppurtunity to smear him, and destroy his reputation. This woman is vicious. She is a horrible person. I saw her about 3 weeks ago and she looked like she had aged 20 years and like she was about 75 years old and she is only about 45. She is truly a monster. I just can't help but to feel bad for her poor children and having to live with this crazy woman

  9. They are so unbelievably sick!! male and female alike. Run!!!

  10. Dont Go to Primewire ag this site is full of sociopath and psychopath ready to destroy innocent or disable people lives the mods and the admin have this site set up not only to harass people but also cyber path twisted game ..sadly most of these people who does these things are losers who aren't happy with themselves.. word of warning they are thugs and mafia last i heard and also scams artist sadly these sites should be taken off the social media they run smear campaign in the media .and do other things.. pathetic people..dont go into these movie site if you down load a movie with credit card it seem they gaining people information to do ills they also expose the ip address and use spies on their site to cause damage they degrade their clients and humiliate movie kingdom and solar movies lets watch this vodly and chnnel 1 stay away location is in russia and they hide it with please be careful go to netflix or hulu andsave your your life of grief and safety.. these sick individuals also bully people.. so i send them light and blessing but they think that in life there no paying oh they better believe it.. you want to hurt other its going to boomer rang back and hit them so hard they will remember all he wrong doings.. 'no contact is the key and remember what goes around comes back around you filthy maggots..

  11. Every definition of this fantasy icon has no causation. There is no defect or significant physical detected imbalance in the human anatomy, for these fantasy icons. Everyone has their own variation. The descriptions are ambiguous, open to confirmation bias and impression. There is no causation or existing defect to even create a logical grouping of symptoms. The 'symptoms' are also being assumed based off bias impression of what one alleges someone did. The 'symptoms' are ambiguous criteria derived from a persons impression. Actually, it is only the victims or patients, so to speak, that list the signature and very specific traits and MO's of these types. You can asses David Parker Ray's psych brainwash manual, as a start. Many of these types, are 'counselors'. There is a reason why the 'counselors' fail to expose the MO's and signature traits, along with adding vague and ambiguous 'symptoms' that can even be applied to the victim or people who are not these types. Again, they are the types that are fixated on what things appear to be. As long as something appears to be something, all is ok. Truth and reality does not matter, it's what things appear to be.

    "It will appear the she/he is 'mentally unstable" but really it was me that took advantage of their vulnerability and if they keep taking those pills they will be an entire object that represents me. I can also use that object after my treatment really sets in, and write about them as if I am the competent god if the mind, and get more status gain".-nurser of the mind.

    These types gain sense of control by controlling others with emotions and private sensitive knowledge about them. Approval and other mind games are a big lever for them. They are more passive and patient with their MO's. (Slow, steady, prolonged-passive, secretive, well planned) They gain the levers and control through talking and or counseling. They tend to keep it like a secret control. They like little secrets and like you to 'read in between the lines, so to speak. The most deceptive of these types are woman, as they have more orbital frontal lobe tissue to modulate amygdala, way less testosterone and don't have the same alpha male drives as men. Pity and sympathy tends to be more assumed, with woman and less suspicious. Most of our serious male killer tortures, were seriously brainwashed and dictated by their mother. The Gaines case is one of many examples. Gaines was a 'patient' vehicle of his mother.

  12. Louisiana is full of female psychopaths. I believe it is something in their dirty water

  13. My (younger) sister, now in her 50s, seems to have bursts of sociopathic behaviour, discrediting me behind my back and projecting her vile behaviour onto me only when she wants to exert her authority. Afterwards she reverts to 'normal' and pretends nothing ever happened so I know that if I complained to anyone about how I had been treated she would completely deny it all and blame me for being the perpetrator. I don't know whether this makes her a sociopath or not because I don't know enough about her interactions with others to know whether it's just me or others as well who get in her firing line. However, her latest episode was so contemptible that minimum contact is all I can tolerate from now on.

  14. I have been the victem of smear campaigns by Pyschotic managers, and co workers. Yes when you read that glibness is a symptom of socipaths, it's one of the major traits.
    Yes, they use their false glibness to learn small things about you to use against you later on, when their caught enabling bad employees, or lying about you.

    I was fooled and brought into a company where the employees don't work, and whom backstab each other when their sales are low.

    When they meet a coworker who actually works, a decent person, they begin their smear campaign.


  16. Thomas Sheridan is correct. NO CONTACT. You don't know that a person is a psychopath until its too late.
    Back in the days when I knew a load of insane born again Christians in South East London, I introduced one male friend to one female friend, and they got together. I was pleased for them. The female friend, turned out to be a real psychopath. Now I've learnt SO MUCH from Sheridan, I can see the signs. I met her when she was 16. She'd make up stories of sexual abuse that did not happen. She'd two time boyfriends with no remorse. She'd claim people were racist when they were not, because she was white and her boyfriend wasn't. This made HIM feel that he was subject to racist comments behind his back, but she didn't care that she was upsetting him at all, by telling these lies. He believed her and still does. She is very plausible and a trained barrister.
    Her smear campaign against me at her OWN WEDDING was the reason that I went "no contact" with her. She told everyone that I'd "tried it on" with her husband, and that I was "so upset" that I'd "missed out" on marrying him. REALLY? The guy was a former heroin addict with no conversation and not physically attractive.
    When I heard this last smear campaign, I dropped her. She then started to write me letters that she'd "Forgive me, if I would humbly apologise. Satan stopped our friendship" etc. The born again twaddle again. In 2002 I met her at the school reunion and she told me that she was two timing her husband, but that they both "went to the sort of church where you can sit on the floor and play drums"... I just thought she was nuts. And here is the really creepy thing. Psychopaths are plausible. She is in a position of power in her career - people are coming to HER to get her help in sorting out their legal problems. Horrible thought.