Wednesday 2 April 2014

The New Age Movement is an Evil Cracker Club More or Less

Before we get started: I am not a Christian and I do not believe in God. So if you arrived here from Googling with Pastor Bubba's PC at the 'Church of the Perpetual Cash-flow' in Webfoot Foot Jct, Arkansas, I am sorry, you not a have not found an ally in me. Otherwise read on:



During my research for my next book on Political Witchcraft, I took a long time to get to the bottom of the so called 'Burning Times' we hear so much about. You know, when 6 million women (even the number they picked tells you something about this New Age/Wiccan persecution and pity mongering agenda) were murdered for being 'healers'. 

I especially wanted to try and figure out why, in a world, where the leadership of nations and churches were/are nearly all psychopathic (even if only instinctual) black magicians themselves by their behaviour, would they be burning women in large numbers whom they should have considered allies? 

Indeed, in Germany before the Middle Ages all matters of The Craft were uniquely assigned to women. So beginning with this data, I worked back looking for common distinctions between what the rich and powerful were up to, as distinct from what their foot soldiers on the ground were up to, and why the schism developed, and eventually why the witch burnings happened.

Like most people, I fell for the old 'they burnt the priestesses as they had medicine and knowledge of healing'. However, when you look though the archives you come across very little evidence of this.  

Essentially the 'Burning Times' can be summarised as thus: 

  • Catholics burning Protestants, and Protestants burning Catholics while declaring them 'witches'. Even though they were all devote Christians. (sorry Wiccans and New Age Goddesses, there goes 90% of your First World Victim Complex)
  • Jews being burnt for any bullshit the local psychopaths could come up with. (again New Agers, not your ancestors unless you are Jewish) 
  • and finally, 'Witches' being burnt for being witches. <<< finally
Okay! Some real witch-burning data I could work with. Then I looked into the details of these particular cases and what struck me was that the burnings rarely involved either the church or the regional authorities. 'Healing' is never mentioned to any significant degree. In some cases, people who burnt 'witches' were found guilty of murder (although this was rare). 

What truly amazed me, having this brought to my attention firstly by the British occulist Dion Fortune in her fascinating book on Psychic Attacks, was that these witches were basically the local shit stirrers and mayhem inciting, character assassinating 'bunny boilers', and in some cases, clearly female psychopaths doing unspeakable things to individuals and property out of spite and envy. Killing the children of  men whom they fancied and who showed no interest in these witches (Erotomania). Poisoning old ladies living alongside them, and getting their property. Injuring and even killing livestock belonging to neighbours for no particular reason (emotional energy harvesting for the insatiable 'Djinn' living inside their psyche most likely). 

Yes, these women were found guilty via citizens kangaroo courts (which is always wrong), but very often when the church and authorities later investigated the cases, the charges generally turned out to be true, and the locals who burnt these women were exonerated. In some cases, the horrific breaking wheel was used to torture the witch burners to ensure they were not just murdering some local women for their own selfish reasons. Hardly the random 'let's burn some witches cos' we can!' imagery we have been raised with from Hollywood to endless editorials in stupid New Age magazines.

Now let's look at the current New Age movement

Nobody can tell me it is not filled with a certain type of pathological, 'dark archetype' female who appear to have some serious personality disorders and a complete lack of human decency. I have had a run-in with a couple of these 'powerful Healing Goddesses with the Angel Cards myself, and the lies/hysteria and out and out gaslighting from these 'spiritual' monsters come out with, was both disgusting and psychopathic. They had no decency brakes. 'Blessed Be Motherfuckers!'

I can think of two female bulshitting 'recovery' experts who are both of the New Age, upper middle class whack jobs who consult their Angel Reading Cards, and write articles about the evils of smear campaigns, and then run smear campaigns themselves. Com'on, be honest now. Think of some evil New Age 'empaths' you have met and then tell me they did not all conform to a very similar, vindictive, dark and controlling archetype driven by envy and spite? Be honest now.

What makes these New Age pathologicals so dangerous is they think that being evil is spiritual, and then decency can be procured in the local New Age crystal store, or trips to Glastonbury and Sedona. As if these materialistic trappings somehow absolve them of their day-to-day lives of hatred and evil manipulation of others. It is no different than the Plenary Indulgences of the Catholic Church; paying Cardinals in order to get out of Purgatory and into Heaven.

At the core of most of the these New Age 'queens' is generally: hatred, envy, vindictive and psychotic needs for revenge and an underlying hatred of all men (and most women to be fair, especially young and attractive ones, or ones in happy relationships with out ladies  if that's you! Lemon Spells hittin yo ass from the 'Goddess'). This hatred of all men generally follows years of being obsessed with a certain man/men and when they could not get, or control him in a co-dependent manner, and then they embarked on an Internet terror, hysterical, gang stalking campaign against him and his family while constantly declaring themselves 'powerful Goddesses", 'victims' and EMPATHS!!!!!!!' 

A general lack of intellectual ability (except when they are scheming) is another trait I have come across in these 'crones'. You would have to be thick as rhinoceros shit to believe 90% of the New Age bullshit anyway.

To Be Fair...

Of course there are many decent women and men within the New Age and other well-meaning and harmless 'Pagan' communities. I even know a very nice and kind lady with a set of Angel Cards. Of course, decent women were indeed burnt at the stake now and again for having used herbs as medicine by some local male psychopath on a power trip. Injustice happens all through history. The world is run, and always has been by psychopaths. We can expect little mercy living in the shadow of the Demiurge - that psychopathic demon calling itself Jehovah (I warned you Christians at the start of this article, so do not start shitting me now) - male and female alike, we are all potential fodder. 

How about Some Real Empathy for Change?

Which is why we need to stick together and not isolate ourselves as 'sisters' and 'brotherhoods' divided amongst ourselves. As the Beatles said. 'I am you, and you are me, and we are all together." or something like that. 

The New Age Movement and the Wiccan New Age Party Game, is filled with evil for nothing else than it places a deep trench of demarcation between the sexes, which is why it is a magnet for pathological, men hating women. Not to mention male 'shaman' with a hard on inviting women back to his yurt in order to experience his magic staff. No different than any other inhuman organised religion.

I Would Actually Respect an Evil Witch if they Were Just Honest About it

However, in the case of the New Age community, I think we are all be in agreement that it is filled with some rather nasty female monsters especially, and who are driven by the hungry Archons and Djinn who have infected their vindictive and hateful heads, while declaring themselves 'victims' and therefore, in some basic sense, they are to be considered possessed. 

"Lemon Spell Comin' On Yo Ass Bitch!"

These days we can just use NO CONTACT EVER AGAIN with these Spiritual Motherfuckers and let them get back to casting lemon spells on their ex-husbands which do not work.


  1. Nice text. You said that you're not a christian, but how about a gnostic of sorts? :)

    1. No idea really. I just believe in Natural 'Magic' (as I know it's real) without needing to join any team.

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  2. Interesting Thomas! Very interesting and rings true being immersed as well in and around some of this crystal shop caldron keeper mentality who like to dangle carrots to get at yours and turn into she-golem's.
    I did some research on "Lilith" about a year ago.....she was alot more evil the further back you go, but more understood and aligned with the astro-theology brought the natures in more friendly light as dark as she literally and physically is. Thanks you! Cheers!

    1. If she called herself 'Lilith' she is almost certainly a lunatic and a dangerous one at that.

  3. Another fan of Bill Hicks? :)

    1. Show me a sane person who isn't a Bill Hicks fan.

  4. Enjoy ya blogs n books..keep up the good work! Im glad ya using some ' gnostic' words?!? Very much enjoyed ya talk with John Lamb! Fascinating subject..maybe the topic of topics! Hope ya have info on Slimy Saville to come forth as you said you might..Take care n take risks! Phil

  5. This is why occult philosophies should never get into the hands of the profane Once done, these occult philosophies get corrupted, and then people abide to them. Then they lose touch with actual reality, with these delusional fantasies. These kind of studies and philosophies should not be promoted to the majority, only the serious few.

    1. Indeed. Now we know why occult and magical groups have long stages of initiation. I personally believe that Crowley and Gardener created Wicca in order to keep the Bunny Boilers and other whackjobs out of Thelema.

  6. I agree with your estimation of Crowley!

  7. Okay. As a Muslim I really think you're spot on with the djinn thing. We believe they can possess people sort of like demons (shape shifting sort of thing) I also really loved this because of this whole wiccan thing. I'm in my twenties and I have run into only 2 psychopaths that I know of. One of them was Wiccan. I don't have anything against Wicca. If it makes someone happy and no one is hurt why not? However, the individual I unfortunately crossed paths with well... you know how it goes. I would also like to say I think your spot on about the hatred of men. Envy is a huge factor when it comes to this, I don't know how exactly but that's what I had to deal with.

    Thanks for all you do Thomas.

  8. Bunny Boilers. lol. You do make me laugh Thomas

  9. LOl couldnt agree more!

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