Thursday 20 March 2014

Thor and the Oak Men

What makes Teutonic magic and occult folklore so interesting compared to other canons of European rites, is firstly its powerful connection to the forests and woodlands, and secondly, the darkness and physical brutality of the rites and rituals which have been recorded over the centuries by Grimm and other Germanic folklorists. The temples of the Teutonic wizards were the old woods, and this later became the towering columns of the Gothic cathedrals. The worship of the oak—both the leaves and acorns—inside the grove by the Teutonic Häxan priests who conducted their rituals inside these groves by flaming torchlight in the same manner the National Socialists would perform their own torch light rituals under towering Nazi banners. The great rallies of Nuremberg and other Nazi grand affairs were nothing more than the Häxan priestly rituals of the groves brought up to date.

The oak was also the symbol of construction, rebuilding and restoration. Both materially and spiritually. This led to the Reichsarbeitsdienst (Reich Labour Service) created by the Nazis and who used the symbol of a spade stylised to look like an acorn adorned on either side by oak leaves on their flag and other regalia. The depth and significance of the oak symbolism being updated by the National Socialists cannot be understated, as its restoration also unleashed dark archetypal undercurrents of the Teutonic psyche which had been repressed for centuries by a shim of Christianity.

The sacredness of the oak in Teutonic Häxan magic is recalled in J.G. Frazer's epic work on magical ritual The Golden Bough, in which he outlines the serious consequences of stripping the bark from an oak tree. The culprit's navel would be nailed to the area of the oak where the bark had been stripped and then they would be forced to walk around the tree trunk until their intestines had become completely unravelled—as a sort of bandage—around the area of stripped oak bark. Then the guilty person would die from this ritual, and would then nourish the roots of the oak with the life force of their blood. The life of a man for the life of an oak.

The protection of the oaks was given to young men in the service of the Teutonic wizard—a Häxan variation of the Catholic Altar Boy—referred to as 'Oak Men'. Their service was to that of Donar or Thunar, these being alternate names for the Norse deity Thor. Donar, who was also the Italian pagan god Jupiter, was connected with fertility, spring rains and the end of the darkness of winter. The Teutonic traditions of the Yule Log and the Easter Oak all derive from the Donar/Oak cult, the survival of Winter and the on coming revival and restoration of Spring. During the era of National Socialism, the young men of the Reichsarbeitsdienst would perform large scale rituals based around the assumption that their labour and tools were performing the same task. Their spades were planting new groves for the Nazi wizard class to perform their own rituals, and the Reichsarbeitsdienst hammers were the hammer of Thor ending the dark night of the Wiemar Soul, by building a new dawn for the nation and culture. Their life force energy for the life of the greatest oak forest of them all. The salvation of the Germanic soul itself.

Thomas Sheridan's New Book Entitled 'Walpurgis Night: Volume One 1919-1933' will be released in Spring 2014


  1. Thomas, I'm glad that you're ok. I was starting to worry cos VoN just disappeared and i was starting to worry about your health. Luv and hugs from Steven.

  2. Thomas, I'm glad you're ok. I was getting worried cos VoN disappeared and i thought that you might be ill. Well, i hope all is well. Luv and hugs.

  3. I don't really know what to make of this Thomas, given your regular lashing out at National Socialism. At the very least, I think we must take an objective view and agree that - unlike modern politicians - at least the Third Reich believed in some higher, immaterial purpose; something beyond money and entertainment. They brought purpose and the spirit of their ancestral culture back to the people, and the people were rejuvenated for a time. Whatever other crimes they may have committed (we must always question the stories) I can't possibly see them as more evil than the current regimes of the Western world - who value the Economy alone as being their almighty God.

  4. Glad to see your post...this time has been one of reclusiveness for me, maybe it's the same for you. I wish you peace, and i have a little humble home here in Florida not too far from the beach that is always open to you if you desire. I know you appreciate the mystical beauty of nature and this place still has plenty of it, especially the cypress forests, even though it is over developed.

  5. -As you predicted, psychopaths as victims that need our help, helpless mice who can be fixed with love and empathy. God helps us.

  6. Very exciting news about the book!