Friday, 1 August 2014

SWP Operatives Gathering Names Get 'Owned' - Calls the State-Enforcers for Protection,

The Socialists Workers Party smearing people with terms such as 'racist' or 'misogynist' is exactly the same tactic which was used by their National 'Socialist' first cousins forcing people to wear yellow stars. It is driven by the same need to dehumanise 'enemies' as broken cogs in the Socialist Utopian Machine they long to IMPOSE upon the poor and lower middle classes. Then to remove the broken cogs by any means necessary...

Be they Silver Spooned Socialists, Bolshevik Socialists or National Socialists; they will impose the will of their aristocratic masters without question.

How Happy is the Socialist Way? Ask A Miserable Lefty

The Cambridge Militia: Alma Mater for Shills, Infiltrators and Moles

How Intelligence Services Use Statley Home Socialists to Infiltrate
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