Monday, 3 March 2014

The Two Euro Coin 'Artwork' Winner and the Triumph of the Uber Simpleton

The degeneration of the arts, along with the craft of the aesthetic, has reached a new low with the winner of a Europe-wide competition to select the 'art' for the 2 Euro coin which I only came across a sample of for the first time yesterday. According to an EU statement, the winning design symbolises that the Euro is the latest step in the long history of trade, from pre-historic barter – evoked by the deliberately "primitive" design – to economic and monetary union. The 'artist' is a Hellenic elite named George Stamatopoulos who also is a sculptor at the central bank of Greece. Nothing to see here folks. No nepotism at all. the Euro is being gaslighted into our collective consciousness as an ancient form of currency now? This is all very creepy and obnoxious. Anyway here is what the fucked-up design looks like:

I am not sure if this is yet another insight into the psychopathic observation of reality, or if they are just taking the piss. Apparently, EU citizens voted on selecting the above design from this final round. As voting and plebiscite results are a completely flexible concept within EU leadership structures, in that whatever the unelected bosses decide upon wins the 'popular' vote. There is also the added factor that the artist is Greek, and Greece has been devastated by the failed Euro experiment more than any other country in the Eurozone. Double the value of Gaslighting for your money.

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