Friday, 30 August 2013

Evolution Prefers Trouble Makers - But Don't Be a Stupid or Evil Bastard Either

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Thanks to the modern fad of radical atheism, its obsession with conformity, submission to authority, hatred of individuality and creativity, this has resulted in a spectacular irony—that on every possible level—most people in the West are not evolving anymore. I state this as an agnostic who has come to accept that our understanding of the universe is so small that to even consider 'atheism is a fact' is just not realistic this early on into the game. Is there a supreme being, an intelligent designer(s)? I have no idea. More importantly I don't care. The debate regarding the existence or non-existence of a supreme deity is one more tactic to prevent us from looking inside ourselves for answers. It's just another externalising ruse.

From were I'm standing, I am seeing nothing but a lowering of the human condition. Look at what's on TV. Walk through your local shopping mall, and then consider the growth of the absurd Mega Churches, New Age, Channelling and Flying Saucer cults filled with gullible types who glory in their own lack of individuality and self-determination. These people have openly rejected evolution. They live in fear of thinking for themselves. They crave 'answers' from an authority figure as long as they do not have to exercise their own freewill.

There will never be a global awakening. Only your own personal monomyth. That is reward enough alone. Regardless of if the adversary is your government or your ex-husband: the 'Rules of Engagement' remain the same: No Contact Ever Again. However, that is not the same thing as each one of us—as individuals—not having to actively evolve within our own consciousness and personal development. We must do this. It's the calling evolution demands from us. I myself have every intention of becoming a glorious lunatic and dying a troublesome old bastard. I crave the desire to denounce orthodoxy when conformity is constricted by pathology.

Being awake is not an agreement, it's a calling and it comes looking for you. And only when the time right and if you give a shit enough to know there must be something better to this life than being a domesticated taxation animal. Genuine cynicism is the most valuable thing you have. Be a troublemaker. But don't be an easy target. Do not be fobbed off or dismissed by Orthodoxy Fanatics using the term "conspiracy theorist", or "nutjob" in order to shut you up when you are voicing genuine concerns and grievances regarding corporate/economic criminality, or pathological and destructive political/globalist mandates.

Use facts when defending your opinions. But don't be a moron with a target on your face by invoking paranoid or supernatural/alien woo when engaging with average folks. If you do not have 80% 'fact', then you do not have the "truth" in the eyes of masses. Something important to always bear in mind.

Likewise do not land yourself in the on-line ghetto of despondency and social rejection. Stand up for yourself, but keep your more 'hardcore' ideas to yourself and the people you trust. If you have supernatural or paranormal interest—then keep your mouth shut around most folks—and keep your 'woo of choice' out of anything to do with real life political and corporate issues.

Never, ever be even slightly racist (in a hateful or biggoted manner), or you are on the losing team. See all humanity (except psychopaths) as your potential allies. Learn about law, commerce and psychology. Be calm and self-confident. Respectful and relaxed. Laugh and embrace satire.

Learn from the best teachers: Malcolm X, Noam Chomsky, Bruce Lee and Carl Jung. They get respect from the mainstream—observe them and understand why. Learn from their mistakes too, and also cherish and take ownership of your own mistakes. This is how one evolves. Read the works of Edward Bernays and Saul Alinsky and understand how they taught the globalists their craft. Then use these methods to your own advantage.

You can slay a dragon with stealth—using a sound and noble plan—easier than charging into its flames waving a sword trying to be a hero. Be a warrior, not a hero. Wake yourself up with dignity and decency and others will begin to ask the questions, and you will have the answers ready for them.

That's Evolution, not Revolution.

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  1. Being 'awake' was a calling for me too as I was hearing about alternatives to the mainstream news but refused to take it on board. If there was a global awakening it would be awful as that would be a hive mind probably. It's a good thing that 'truthers' think differently from each other but unfortunately there are those claiming to be 'awake' going round calling the prominent ones shrills because they don't agree with everything they say. Being expected to pay for talks, books and videos has something to do with that too as they have for too long had things for free that were Government funded. The 'truth must be free' crowd are the same as the 'music must be free crowd' and often as not sympathetic with the Zeitgeist Movement.