Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Orwellian Telescreen Arrives In Ireland in the Form of a Broadcasting Tax. However, Irish People Aren’t Putting Up with It.

I can recall clearly the moment when Pat Rabbitte went from being just a another scumbag politician to the status of a supreme scumbag, gloating in the faces of the people who voted for him as he knew his 150,000 Euro pension was secure. It was the moment this flatulent Globalist gobshite showed himself and his Labour Party for what they truly are. The current Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources (ie: Government Propaganda, Fracking and More Fracking) appeared on The Week in Politics (December 2012), and when presenter Sean O'Rourke asked Pat Rabbitte if he had broken any campaign promises. Rabbitte said, "Isn't that what you tend to do during an election?"

At least we can’t say he isn’t an honest politician in this regard. He openly boasted with an obvious pretend gormless ‘screw you suckers’ look on his face that he successfully fooled the Irish electorate and it didn’t bother him one bit. At that moment, we were given a perfect visual conduit into the psychological profile of the Irish Labour Party and how this entity functions. They know they will always have the paid-off public sector unions in Ireland voting for them, and they are also fully aware that the private sector workers in Ireland are the only ones feeling the IMPACT of this recession. So the people in Ireland really suffering in the eyes of Rabbitte and the Labour Party simply have no political power…‘so who cares!’. It was beyond disgusting.

Rabbitte first set off my alarm bells a couple of years back as the Minister for Propaganda was boasting on TV that he would make sure that even the most remote islands off the coast and isolated communities around Ireland would get free Digital TV. He made this announcement with all the self-righteous determination of a great statesman delivering a keynote oratory to determine the future of a nation.

And you know what? That’s precisely what he was doing.

It mattered not that Ireland - at the time - was being crushed by a horrific private debt caused by the bankster classes in Ireland (under the watch of  David ‘socialist’ Begg, a top union leader who is also - surprise-surprise - a Director of the Central Bank). The important thing was to get RTE (the Irish National Government Propaganda Service) into every home in their country, free of charge. The reason for this was simple; they were going to have to bombard the Irish consciousness 24 x 7 with non-stop government and EU propaganda in order to prevent, at any cost, a social upheaval in Ireland due to draconian taxes and crushing austerity measures implemented for no other reason than to keep Irish politicians and business leaders out of jail.

Now this Pat Rabutte entity, with his trademark smirk, has foisted a Euro 180 mandatory Broadcasting Fee upon the Irish people in Ireland to protect the union jobs at the failing, and universally mocked and condemned ‘national’ broadcaster RTE. This is a desperate measure. The Broadcasting Fee will be applicable to every household in the country - even to the growing numbers of Irish homes throwing away their televisions. The Broadcasting Fee is even is being forced upon blind and deaf people who must pay this tax to keep the inter-generational no-talents in RTE from having to experience the reality of life in the real world - OR THE DEAF AND BLIND WILL GO TO JAIL.

All RTE have to do is to keep the pro-Government and EU propaganda rolling and the gravy train will never dry up. There is only one solution to this (apart from throwing away your TV): to destroy the Irish Labour Party while making life very uncomfortable for them. Rabbitte will retire soon and will be playing golf with the likes of Martin ‘Bad Back’ Cullen no doubt.

In the meantime, the ‘anti-IMF’ campaign undertook a wonderful, hands-on approach to the matter and hounded Rabbitte out of a notorious ‘insiders pub’ in central Dublin where the IMF were meeting upstairs to tell ‘our’ government how the Paddies were to be punished next. To observe this waddling bullshitting propagandist running for the safety of the Dail Bar is a sight I’ll long treasure. Not to mention the hilarity of listening to the Irish establishment claiming the ‘anti-IMF’ activists have ‘embarrassed the country in front of the IMF nice men who are here to save us’.  The activists who hounded and scared Rabbitte out of the watering hole was an evolutionary moment in Ireland’s social development. It reminded me of the scene in Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey,’ when the more evolved and intelligent humans developed the skills and ability to win back their natural resources which had been stolen from them by a gang of psychopathic monkeys. The ‘anti-IMF’ people are heroes - every last one of them - and we should be all making life as miserable for the Irish politicians and propaganda classes as the austerity measures have made life for the rest of us.


  1. Good article. This fat little traitor needs hounding for life.