Friday, 24 May 2019

Meat Golems - Just How they Are

There are days I really do think there are only a few dozen million actual humans on this planet and the rest are just meat servitors we pour our experiences into so they can be repositories of memories and past events which our minds do not have enough capacity to hold. Like flesh archives. They simply socialize and breed in order to retain and pass along this knowledge. Sure this is an elitest mindset, but go to the local shopping mall and look around you. Does not mean you have to hate these people.

When they become corrupted by a virus (psychic), they become like SJWs, or people who get caught up in fads to the point of humiliation/self-annihilation, and also the types so easily whipped up by smear campaigns. There also appears to be an active process by some exterior pathological force to destroy them, as if would give the entities at war with us complete control over the knowledge base central to our development.

I think the litmus test is determining who around is safe: being the difference between a 'nice person' and a 'good person' - just like there is nothing in common between a 'nice guy' and 'good man'. As with morals (being religious and cultural tropes) and decency are not the same thing. We learn nothing about our personal failures and shortcomings with morals, we do with decency. Political Correctness is the Postmodernism 'morals' and also of course, pure bollocks. You can't trust a nice guy as he is timid reactive meat with no self-realization beyond servicing his own cowardice. So what is their actual purpose on a brutal planet? Disposable and self-replicating memory banks? Evolution is a complex spectrum of survivors and service agency. I dunno.

As so much of our consciousness and relationship with the wider world is dependent upon the active development of our nervous system, it certainly brings home a new meaning to the phrase 'he is spinless' or 'they have no backbone'. Their nervous system appears to be limited and non-dynamic beyond themselves.

Fill your life with good men and women who offend the cowards. They are the real deal. The rest, god love them for they know not what they do. Seek out the little brunette in the center of this photo. She is listening because she is not just meat - her nervous system is reading that of the 'fool' who took the photo. She'll be the only one in this group not dependent upon the rest of the group. She is a 'good woman' and not a 'nice girl'.

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