Thursday, 1 February 2018


Although much of the work and writing pertaining to romantic and marital relationships with psychopaths often revolves around the hyper-sexuality of the promiscuous psychopath. In terms of targeting and mind-controlling enablers, there also remains a large demographic—among the psychopathic spectrum—who is never good looking enough, nor interested in/capable of, sex for control purposes. This is what I have come to term the Babyman Psychopath. He is a perfectly pathetic—but no less purposely malicious—manipulator and predator. These often giggling, 'little boy lost' predators seeks out and target women with a strong (often unfulfilled) parental instinct. Women who are by nature and innate consciousness—nurturers and mother archetypes—with a strong desire to "care" for others.

Enter center stage the Babyman Psychopath. No, he is not your on-line, dating, singles-bar, ladies-man style manipulator and predator. Often he is not even interested in sex. But he is no less a cunning, determined and ruthless predator. One who delights in his hidden parasitic agenda behind a wry, helpless smirk and watery puppy dog eyes. Head tilted—ever so slightly sideways—while welling up with tears for full manipulative effect when required.

The female target will often encounter this individual living alone (but more likely with a parent or relative) and he will play the "helpless, but lovable" human teddy bear angle of attack to a T. He'll still have his very early childhood toys (especially Teddy bears) with him until adulthood. He will have signs around his home with slogans such as ‘EVERYONE DESERVES A HAPPY CHILDHOOD’ and other trappings of Hallmark-style superficial, neurochemical-inducing tactics to sweep his wife-mother enabler off her feet. She will be told how he needs taking care of and she'll gladly do it. He will be a child when he needs to be—so adorable—and "what a gentle man in this day and age of horny brutes".

He'll wear a Mickey Mouse tie when out in public. He'll play the "harmless", but also sometimes arrogant—cerebral, politically correct type who drops phrases such as "climate change" and "diversity" slogans for anyone he thinks needs to hear them. He really cares, and his Mickey Mouse tie and social media Winnie the Pooh profile pictures obviously proves this! He is also trying to quit smoking. But only proclaims this. He talks about becoming an author or screen-writer. But hasn't an original idea in his smirking rosy cheeked head. No talent of any kind—musical, artistic or otherwise—nonetheless a self-proclaimed, arrogant expert on all these matters and more. He is waiting for his letter from the Noble Prize committee to also come in the front door any day now.

When he gets a cold, or something more 'deadly' like the flu, he behaves as if he has terminal cancer and he is about to draft up his will. When he does not get wants, he sulks like a baby boy. Bottom lip trembling and with copious amounts of the silent treatment. So the female enabler eventually crumbles—under the manipulation she is constantly subjected to—until she believes this is a normal way to live. Like all psychopaths, he considers any children the partner has from a previous relationship as being territorial and financial rivals. However, in public he will talk about wanting to adopt these "really awesome kids".

When his female enabler leaves town to visit her family, or sick friend, he pouts and frets at the airport. Upon her return he is like a giddy little boy on Christmas morning. Perhaps even a namby-pamby, flappy arm wave ‘hello’. Left alone without his domestic servant, the house will be unkempt. He has been too busy watching TV—or porn—the whole time. The mess of the unclean house—and fast food boxes—will just enforce his 'helplessness' upon his devoted female enabler. The same enabler whom he is calling a "fat stupid, bitch" in his mind. Smirking at her—behind her back—as she begins to wash the mountain of dishes in the kitchen sink while she is still jet lagged. However, the Babyman Psychopath takes nothing at all for granted. Like all devious predators, there has to be potential fall-back enabler(s) if needed.

The relationship continues only as long as she remains under the spell of his 'little boy lost' persona. If she starts getting too independent, or makes new women friends or expanded social circle without his permission, he will often seek an upgrade. Another female, with a strong nurturing instinct.

The Babyman Psychopath can smell them in much the same way a shark can smell a bleeding fisherman miles away. If the enabler gets a serious illness, then the Babyman Psychopath portrays himself as the real victim. If no government medical aid and home care assistance is forthcoming, he is back to his parents or another relative. He'll walk out the door mouthing "I love you..." with his head tilted—ever so slightly—sideways and eyes welling up for full effect. Then he moves on as if the "stupid fat bitch" never existed. Just business.

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