Wednesday, 27 December 2017

A Simple Demonstration of Black Magic

One day you are walking down the street. Someone points to the trails in the sky and says 'They are 'Chemtrails' and they are designed for population reduction and they spread diseases."

You look up at them and you say. 'Gosh, there is a lot.." You go home look on the internet. See photos of tanks in planes. You wonder about the cough you had that is lingering and read about something called 'Morgellans' and start to feel an itchy sensation on your skin.

You start sharing memes and articles about Chemtrails on FB. You friends and family laugh or ignore you. You then start sharing memes about how waking up is not making you a sheeple. Then you are socially isolated with only other examples of human misery for company. But that's OK as you are a "researcher" and you have 'researched' and now you know the truth with your 'Chemflu' and 'Morgellons'.

All this because someone pointed to the sky when you were happy going about your life the moment before they did this.
You did not Wake Up - You were Hexed


  1. Thomas, have you ever met a king?

    What present would you give a king?

  2. Well, all I know is that you can't cloudbust chemtrails... Anyhoo, I came across something interesting whilst reading Patrick O'Brian's biography of Joseph Banks. In outlining the wealth of correspondence Banks received as President of the Royal Society, O'Brian relates "and from a gentleman in Dublin who was convinced that the Irish language agreed perfectly with Arabic, while its structure conformed to that of Chaldean."

    The Eagle Isle indeed!


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