Tuesday 14 October 2014

Propaganda for the Men, Advertising for the Women

Suppose you are a movie director and you want make a war movie. You have no idea how to go about this, how to develop the script, the character development, procure the technical resources for the movie. No problem, the CIA and US Military will arrange it for you. But on one condition. That the movie script gets firstly “approved” by the CIA and US Military before they lend you the helicopter gunships, aircraft carriers, jets, troops, trucks – you name it. 

So your script will have to be written with the sympathies and imperialist/corporate agenda the United States in mind. So obviously the 'enemies' - in the current sense - will be brown skinned people who happen to live on top of oil reserves. This can change at any moment depending on which “evil dictator” isn't handing over his natural resources, gold reserves or military to the United States war machine. Sounds absurd? Pick up the phone and talk to the good people at: 

Director, Marine Corps Public Affairs 
Motion Picture and Television Liaison 
10880 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1230 
Los Angeles, CA 90024 
(310) 235-7272 

Failing that, try any number of the US Military and Intelligence communities Motion Picture and Television Liaison offices all over the USA. You scratch their backs, and they'll scratch yours... Not just blockbuster Hollywood movies but U.S. military assistance will be gladly forthcoming in producing television shows, documentaries, music videos, commercial advertisements, computer games, and other audiovisual media.

However, do not expecting them to be lending you an M1A1 Abrams tank if the scene is showing 'Bible Belt' halfwits firing on civilian buses in Iraq, listening to Marylin Manson while slapping high-fives, or nuns in El Salvador being raped and murdered by CIA “advisors”. Outside these jingoism-suppressing truths, the directors and script writers have all the artistic freedom they require to make a great movie. Director Jerry Bruckheimer and Paramount Pictures worked closely with the Pentagon when filming the 1986 blockbuster "Top Gun" staring mind-controlled Scientologist and all-round superficial oddball Tom Cruise.

It has long been remarked that Americans on the whole have tremendous difficulty when dealing with reality beyond the 'Apple Pie' self-image foisted upon them, and instead prefer the Disney and very wholesome image of themselves and their nation. It is not their fault. Americans are perhaps the most mind controlled society on the planet since the Chinese people during their Cultural Revolution. Americans are prisoners of a predatory consciousness which has taken hold of their nation; using and manipulating them for anything but their own “American Dream”. A staggeringly ironic term when you think about it. Hollywood has never not been working hand-in-hand with the US Government. The fact that the brainwashing goes so deep into US society from cradle to grave, speaks volumes concerning the cognitive fortitude of the many, many Americans who manage to break the spell of non-stop propaganda they are endlessly bombarded with.

The sorcerers of the “Holly” wood have in recent times up-the-ante towards a more aggressive level of mind control on the US public in order to 'charge' the overall imperialist and corporate agenda.  But the phenomenon is under new found scrutiny. Foreign film producers such as SONY have even been refused US Government assistance when they began production of a movie on the alleged killing of Osama Bin Laden and his burial at sea by US Navy Seals who themselves died under mysterious circumstances shortly afterwards in a mysterious helicopter accident. Dead men tell no tales, but propaganda prostitutes and black magicians such as Jerry Bruckheimer and his Government buddies most certainly will tell the 'official' tale. 

So Americans and many societies all over the planet have an approach to the world which is based completely on Hollywood and the current Psychopathic Control Grid changing the consciousness of the planet to make us hate and fear brown people sitting on oil. This is the very essence of movie magic and you can see it all the time if ones eyes are opened to the sorcery which you are being spellbound with. 

Sometimes they even indirectly let the cat out of the bag and we may be presented via an allegory of movie magic presented as entertainment. Entertainment that nurtures, rather than shackles our consciousness. Some of these movies are nothing short of transcendental flashbacks to the Greek Mystery Plays and Babylonian processional rites. Often they can leave the most profound impacts on people who have watched these movies, and often they do not know why. 

Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece 2001 a Space Odyssey being the most well known. Even if many people had no idea what the movie was about - and millions did not -  they were profoundly changed by the experience of watching it. This is due to the fact that Kubrick was a master manipulator of human consciousness playing on powerful allegorical and archetypal resonances within the consciousness of the viewer. One didn't have to even follow or understand the story of 2001 A Space Odyssey – because they felt it echo within the inner landscape of their psyche where it returned back into their subconsciousness mind as a transformative psychological and esoteric manifestation. The average person watching 2001 A Space Odyssey were being given a peek into a allegorical world, and boy was it a glorious insight into a hidden aspect of the Self which we all need to recapture and restore within our own lives if we are to get the life experience, and by extension, the personal liberation we all deserve free from corporate psychopathic and pathological manipulation. 

The vast majority of Hollywood movies are now aimed at men. On the other hand the vast majority of TV shows, magazines and especially advertising tend to be aimed mostly at women. Advertising itself was created almost exclusively for the manipulation of the feminine consciousness. 

This is based on a need to specifically target and manipulate the unique consciousness aspect of both genders.  On the female side of the war on conciousness this has led to the destruction of the feminine aspect of Western culture which represented wisdom and nurturing and replaced it with "empowering" whore archetypes in the mainstream media such as the airbrushed nymphomaniac dregs on shows such as Sex and the City. Because this is how the present psychopathic control system considers women to be - they shop and spend LOTS of money. 

Western Society should be both female and male in equal uniformity - currently society is a psychopathic male in terms of what it delivers. Blame the incursion of Abrahamic religions west of the Bosporus for this unfortunate state of affairs.

This media driven delusion damages both men and women. A man seemingly can not marry a woman who is intelligent, loving and secure, unless she is also "hot". Likewise, women are coached to look for men who will finance their media driven delusions of what being beautiful and happy is. The rest of us are discarded for not being superficial enough. Psychopaths control the mass media and this insanity has distorted much of the population to emulate this pathology as the new norm. 

Fuck it, we deserve so much more that this.

Ah Terence McKenna, all that Word Salad and
You Were Still Full of Shit.


  1. Brilliant insight, I don't know how you pull it all together..

  2. If coercion is male and manipulation is female, wouldn't that mean that the grid is much more female than you describe it? Not saying it's inherently feminine, just that it's androgynous

  3. Jeesh, thanks for this,particularly the reference to 2001. Made me realise the influence the film has had on me. In the last twelve months I have referred to it both subconsciously in my creative life and consciously in likening the speed routine and vagueness of my days to the last part of the film.

  4. I've just seen your latest You tube, The Wheel is turning, many thanks for that. It feels like there is a kind of madness all around at the moment, there is also a bad case of 'My dad can beat up your dad' mentality, which is just ridiculous. I am at a point in my life where I can step back and quietly observe without feeling the need to further fuel the fire. I will not give in to fear nor the surrounding insanity, there is still so much more that I want to do, so much beauty in nature to see and a thirst for knowledge and wisdom that will never be quenched. Thank you for your wise words, long may you continue.

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