Friday 19 September 2014

Top tossers of the week 19.9.14

Special Presentation from Hull, England last night/


  1. Miles out of order with the Salmond nomination. Embarrassingly petty and staggeringly naive, in fact.
    It was a tough enough challenge trying to repeal the 1707 Act of Union without trying to complicate the issue further by taking on the 1603 Union of Crowns Treaty as well.
    Okay, it's supposed to light-hearted but it just comes over as spiteful. There was no shortage of real Unionist tossers, not least in the Labour party, who brazenly batted for the corporations and shafted the people they were elected to represent.

  2. And I thought Barbara Streisand lookalikes were just for Prince Charles and his Prussian Aristos. Hope you've been taking full advantage and leaving the mirror solos alone. You can be a funny guy at times, but I didn't get a tickle out of this I'm afraid!

  3. Unconnected, but I thought you'd be interested in this, more gaslighting from the elite, specifically, "invisible" art..