Friday, 9 December 2016

The Special Joy of a Solitary Christmas Free From Patronising Dickheads

There is nothing 'sad', 'depressing' or 'tragic' about everyone who is alone on Christmas Day. Many people who do it have a wonderful time being alone. They do not want to partake in the Passive Curfew of 'being among family and friends'.

I have one thing to say to people who seem to think being alone at Christmas is some unspeakable horror: can you just leave these people be, and let them do a Solo Christmas if they wish and stop trying to monitor them, or prove what a wonderful piece of shit you are by 'saving them' from their often blissful solitude.

Many of us non-Christians and Commercial Festive Junkies, do not need to be patronized by interfering dickheads who are trying to stigmatize a person who 'is all alone' as some kind of loser or social failure. Generally IT IS YOU who is the real loser and not the folks who reject your obnoxious festive company.

There are are plenty of women who are not alone at Christmas and get their heads kicked in by their drunken male partner. There are many men who are not alone on Christmas Day and who are being torn asunder emotionally and psychologically by the fake joviality of the forced celebration as they know everything is not wonderful as some asshole blows a whistle in their face and puts a paper hat on their heads. There are millions of children who are not alone on Christmas Day who have to deal with their parents shouting and hating each other under the twinkle of the plastic, Asian sweat shop fairy atop the tree.

Compared to all the above, and memories of such, many adults not only choose to be alone on Christmas Day, but they actually have a wonderful, relaxing time with no social pressures or interfering cunts knocking on their door playing a fake role of their 'savior' for the day "Would you like to join us for Christmas dinner?" - so they can do your tragic, unfortunate self a favour of rescuing you from being alone and contented.

Happy Yuletide to all the Solo Solsticers.


  1. Spot on, i love it Thomas! Hahaha... I have spent several Christmas at home on my own blissfully content with a few glasses of wine toasting the peace & solitude & lack of fake happy families bollocks!

  2. Christmas alone when you need or want to be alone is bliss on a cloud.

  3. Ah sure come up for a few pints over the Christmas brother, would be nice to catch up

  4. Most people these days are full of shit. I have more respect for animals than 'people' and their passive aggressive multi-masked bullshit.

  5. I love this and this is exactly what we are doing keeping out of harms way ...I am keeping the littleun distracted with oodles of walks and wotnot but keeping away from the usual narcissistic passive aggression being trickled down from certain types in our shamily that will never change .

  6. You are a Catholic, Sheridan. You were born one and baptized, and you'll come sniveling back to the one true faith as you're coughing your last pathetic breath. I've seen it happen a dozen times. That tree and silly bearskin outfit you wear will be worthless as you cling to your last. I hope there'll be somebody there to give you the last sacrament. I really do. We can't be everywhere, you cynical, washed up, p.o.s.