Friday 29 August 2014

The Danzig Effect and Why This Matters Right Now

The Danzig Effect is a term which I have come up with, and is based upon reading about the collapse of the collective psychic integration within the enclave of the Free City of Danzig during the 1930s. According to the letters from an Irish diplomat stationed there in the run-up to the Second World War named Se├ín Lester. Lester, wrote remarkably detailed and socially aware dispatches concerning the piecemeal behavioural and social deterioration by the residents of the city as 1939 approached. 

Murders, rapes and what he called 'immoral' behaviour in public became the norm, as well as an overall toxic atmosphere which developed within the life of the city's residents; as if the people knew they were in the last days of peace. This resulted in their repressed pathological undercurrents literally turning feral. The atmosphere became increasingly more dark, toxic and oppressive as the psychology of the city deteriorated. A TV documentary I watched many years ago interviewed people who lived there at the time and they spoke of sleepless nights and sudden viscous attacks by strangers out of the blue.

Since the midpoint of the recent Gaza attacks, I have been using the Internet and, especially, social media, observing the Danzig Effect on-line begin to develop before my eyes. Noticing an increase of, while also being personally subjected to the indecent behaviour of certain individuals and groups - who are clearly disordered, fanatical and hysterical - which serve as the perfect control specimens for this purpose. They are also becoming more and more unhinged, ruthless and pathological.  The Danzig Effect is not tapering off by any means. 

All decency has gone out the window, as they sink further into dogma and vicious hysteria. The death cults still waiting for their promised salvation are turning on everyone apart from the leadership, the mentally ill and hysterical are increasingly racing into pathological overdrive in recent weeks, with more and more hateful and sadistic behaviour. 

I have also noticed a flurry of surprise breakups, engagements and sudden wedding announcements among the non-disordered and socially adept. People who were close friends turning on one another, and even observing the sense of agitation among the general population. No one escapes the Danzig Effect when the darkness of the Collective Shadow approaches.

Something wicked this way comes...

The Psychopaths in Charge are making major plans behind the scenes and the behaviour of unstable people on the internet is the first sign of massive psychic disintegration which indicates Danzig Effect. I am not feeling optimistic that an immediate peaceful world state is on the horizon.

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  1. Astute as ever! For me personally im not gona fall for it!! Kindness,empathy and compassion as much as I can muster but be ready for all eventualities! Incredible times where ignorance n apathy are no excuse! I do see and feel a shift in awareness for the better but then ya meet someone or see something which puts that on hold but that's been the way for a long time I suspect! It could go either way..time will tell!
    Have finished Walpurgis night..excellent read n eagerly await next volume! There seems to be a lot of interest lately Red ice radio for example on Hitler and that whole period! Lies built upon lies when ya look at the mainstream history books..thats for sure although I do feel that people are forgetting the psychopathic nature of hitler and so many of his inner circle and foot soldiers! Ive come to conclusion it was psycopaths on all sides fighting it out whilst millions of 'innocent' people were sacrificed!
    Am reading Hitlers private library by Timothy Ryback for a further look into this period!
    All the best Thomas!
    Kind regards

  2. When the physical environment starts to become too toxic, amphibians are the first to show signs of distress. It looks like you've discovered the same thing at the psychic level.

  3. I read somewhere (can't find it now) how people witnessed their neighbors turn psychopath - Suddenly there was no law. They went out and murdered and raped and came back home. They did it for enjoyment.

  4. I forgot to mention that my last comment was for Yugoslavia during their civil war.

  5. Just as I clicked into this article, Hendrix's "House Burning Down" started playing on the stereo ... freaky, Man!!!

  6. Interesting and excellent article. Bill S