Monday, 10 September 2018

If Demark Did Mass Mind Control, It Would Probably be Called Janteloven

I am sure you have all seen the endless clips, short videos and web page articles - usually written by misty-eyed Brits and Americans - about how wonderful Denmark is and how life there is simply a non-stop joy of worry-free bliss and contentment. Following this, the Danes are then invoked as a yard stick to quantify how PERFECT DENMARK is against whatever apparent shit holes the rest of us are left believing we live in.

Let me lay my own cards down here firstly. I am Irish living in Ireland. Have been to Denmark a few times and prefer Ireland any day. Simple really, I like being a part of a society where human emotions are natural and expressed by individuals responses to the events as they occur - both good and challenging - within their lives. In Ireland, like most of the Western world, we experience life because we are responding to the impacts of daily life upon us as humans, and more importantly, we are responding as individuals.

In Denmark, the society is programmed to be compliant robots.

The Danish (and Swedish) government literally program their population as if they are robots. Using a psychological tool which discourages personal empowerment and turns individuals into compliant borgs. This method is known as the "Janteloven" and it is drilled into children from the age of six months until the rest of their lives. 

This is the reason why so many people - especially from UK/Ireland and the USA - who move or spend an extended period time in Denmark find themselves unable to fully or naturally connect emotionally with the natives. The Danes are 'different' somehow. You always get the feeling that you are talking to an actor - performing a script - rather than a real human expressing themselves in a personal manner. It's all very cordial and polite. But it is creepy and unsettling too.

From my own visits to Denmark, for the longest time, I thought it was just me who was not effectively relating to the Danes, and it was not until and an English friend of mine who lived there for many years confirmed my 'feelings' that there was Something Unnatual in the State of Denmark...

While there is a Danish word for happiness ('glad' - which literally has the same meaning as the English 'glad') - but most people - especially when asked in surveys - are responding to the more common term 'tilfreds' which means 'satisfied'. So, people are not necessarily 'happy' but they are 'content' - which is very different that how to say an American or Briton would gauge their personal happiness.

The Janteloven state mind control system is so taboo in Denmark that they literally run a programmed script within their minds not to even talk about it. 

A recent BBC radio programme on the topic can be found here >>>

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