Thursday, 9 February 2017

Spotting Signs of a Former Cult Member: Can't Relate to Satire and Sarcasm

The primary method of initially determining a former cult member - who is still suffering from the after-effects of severe mind control - is they will often have real trouble with understanding the social nuances behind sarcasm and satire.

Cult leaders have scrubbed this highly individualistic trait out of them. 

Cults know truths and secrets can be hidden from the cult leaders (who are either full-blown Psychopaths or Proto-Psychopaths) within satire and sarcasm. These are individually learned skills which can only function within the conventions of a free and open society and social order.

Within the highly controlled world of the Comet Doomsday, Religious, Political or Flying Saucer cults, the limiting internal language prevents any kind of sub-narratives from occurring. Hence the strict rules, behaviour modifications and over reliance on mantras, catch phrases and acronyms. Language within a cult structure becomes a type of prison under the guise of purporting to be liberating the membership; "organic portals...STS...STO...vectoring...ponerized" and so on.

The weaponized language within the cult - akin to machine gun towers around the mind - is  trauma-based; in that natural modes of cognition are severely curtailed.

Suppose you are in a cult that forbids romantic relationships and you develop a crush on another cult member. You will be made aware that romantic relationships - unless they are sanctified by the cult leaders (such as their own children given away as 'sex prizes' to the most fanatical, desperate sycophants) - are deemed disruptive to your spiritual growth. 

You joined the cult initially for the perceived spiritual, idealistic or psychological benefits. So, in order to remove your romantic and physical longings for this person, you will have been presented early on with a mantra, or exercise to cull any romantic connection you are undergoing so as to remain on the spiritual or other path which the cult is claiming to represent. In reality, you are prevented from this relationship as it distracts from your love of the leaders. Which must be total and unconditional.

With something are powerful as the sex instinct being suppressed, the brain rewires itself, and natural neurotransmitter functions and mirror neurons literally die. The same happens with the need to laugh, and from this understanding the wider, subtle nature of satire and sarcasm. The brain is literally rebuilt - from the amygdala to the frontal cortex - by the cult leadership and their 'modules, 'workshops' and so on. This might also explain the glazed-over dead-eyed stare of cult members.

Eventually "you" are scooped out of yourself and replaced with a dead-eyed, skin job, automaton whose mirror neuron functions and dopamine surges are only possible within the construct of the psychic prison the cult has landed you within.

If you alter mirror neuron and neurotransmitter functionality, eventually you can only relate to the social and psychological dynamics of the cult. Anything that is forbidden by the cult - such as satire and sarcasm - is literally traumatizing for cult members to deal with outside the cult. It's akin to everyone around them talking in a foreign language.

It does not make the ex-cult member a bad person, as I often find this lack of psychic developmental nuance recognition in them tragic. It often makes it impossible for them to function in regular society.

This is also why cult membership in cultures were 'having the craic' or 'taking the piss' is a part of everyday society is so rare. For someone from say, Scotland or Ireland to end up in one of these cults they would have had to have been something of a social failure within Irish or Scottish societies to begin with. Hence why cult membership is relatively lower in these countries, but much higher in more controlled societies such as South Korea and Japan.

Of course this does not excuse them from their terror gang-stalking, free-speech destroying and book-burning psychotic rampages in order for the career-criminal psychopath at the top of the cult to remain their unquestioned god on earth and for all eternity. They have to live the rest of their lives with that...the cult leader won't care I can assure you.

The Path is an excellent TV drama dealing with cult membership and a man's attempt to leave them.


  1. I have been watching "The Path", enjoying it. I can relate to it because I was in a religious cult for 19 years, and it still haunts me sometimes.

    Meighen Russell

  2. Yes, they do have problems seeing satire and humour and the lines between the two become hazier the deeper into darkness they go. Satire is good but it is humour that is most important for unlocking the left and right brain war. Closing off the right brain leaves people autistic and easily manipulated, and some become psychotic and psychopathic. Like in the army, they don't like jokes or if they do it is stupid Knock Knock ones.

    Cults seek to control a person's left/right brain connection, by closing off humour and turnig them into 'serious' beings, like with religion, they can successfully turn people into robots. Even get them to mass sacrifice themselves to a fake god or to their cult leader, like lemmings.

    While proto-psychopaths can be created this way they can also have their brains rewired using humour, we are seeing this right now with the likes of Mark Dice who is actually being possessed by whatever 'demon' or 'angel' that is responsible for humour. Some call it Pepe (and that frog archetype keeps coming back throughout the ages, Kermit, Wind in the Willows and in 2007 - 2009 with Axel F - Crazy Frog, during the banking crisis).

    Any psychopath who tries to co-opt humour into their works will simple have to rewire their brain chemistry to do so. Only way possible to do this is to activate the right brain and emotional components, which psychopaths have but refuse to use. So, all they will do is strengthen those connections. It would be like us trying to co-opt psychopath's mannerisms...eventually it becomes easier as we turn into crazy cult member proto-psychopaths. So please, to all psychopaths try and co-opt it. It will either look stupid and make them look foolish or the spirit, or whatever it is, will possess them eventually. I can prove this by online trolls, a lot of these good guys now who have a sense of humour didn't start out that way, they invoked the spirit and it simply rewired their brains and possessed them. You can be possessed by both good and bad demons, although the latter would be called 'angels'. As always, for every reaction there is an equal, opposite reaction. Lastly, nobody in prison has a sense of humour. I suggest getting them to watch funny films every other day to rewire their brains as an experiment.