Tuesday 14 January 2014

Top Academic Wanted 'Walled Ghetto' for Northern Irish Catholics in 1984

Following provisional implementations not a million miles away from the Third Reich, recently declassified plans to redraw the Irish/Northern Irish border in 1984 by the Thatcher Government - released today under the 30-year disclosure rule -  included handing over west Belfast to the Republic as a walled ghetto or enclave, similar in nature to Danzig in East Prussia during the 1930s.  In a briefing paper drafted by senior civil servants and academics at the Northern Ireland Office and which was presented to then UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, put forward a proposal reducing Northern Ireland's population and geography by nearly half. The language used in the document also made specific reference to the creation of a "walled ghetto" in West Belfast.

As bizarre as this seems, the proposal even went further and proposed a kind of ethnic cleansing of Catholics from the remaining parts of Northern Ireland still under British rule by 'incentives', such as loyalty tests for social welfare benefits and large-scale internment (concentration camps) which "should drive out large numbers", based on research by Paul Compton, a professor from Queen's University Belfast. Compton's "most respected analysis" was forwarded to Prime Minister Thatcher shows that the document was taken very seriously at the highest levels of the British Government.


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