Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Go West Young ISIS Man?

How come all these Lefty feminists are not bothered by the 'patriarchy' of the Syrian refugees?

I thought that during an emergency it is always 'women and children first' and not healthy, smirking and well dressed young guys in their 20's and 30's holding selfie sticks. Like anyone with a sense of human decency, I have no problem with folks with disabilities, young children and their mothers being helped during this crisis. In fact, if human rights actually meant something in this globalist world, this would be the only priority. 

We have seen almost none of this so far.

I am not going to be lectured to by some silver spooned Socialist Workers Party types either, because I can see that most of these young male Syrian refugees look like they have recently escaped a shopping mall and not a war zone.

Okay, enough of the barely masked passive aggressiveness, here is my conspiracy theory for the day;

There are more than enough smelly trails to suggest that NATO created, armed and heavily funded ISIS to overthrow the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria (this also explains why ISIS never attacked Israel).

The Russians called their bluff by putting their troops into Syria with the expressed objective of taking down ISIS. ISIS were already in a mess because the Syrian army had given them a good kicking. When you pay for mercenaries, all you get are psychopaths who are only good for taking photos of themselves beheading prisoners and taking selfies with decapitated heads, but they can't fight when a professional well-trained army comes along. 

NATO encouraged the 'evil' social media image of ISIS by making sure that the most graphic depictions of their acts got 'out there' in order to attempt to demoralise the Syrian army, but it backfired and only strengthened the resolve of the Syrian army to destroy ISIS.

Now, the Russians are coming...

NATO panicked, as they knew that any ISIS prisoners the Russians did not kill could be there for all the 'free world' to observe on camera, talking about how NATO was paying them big bucks and arming them. Following the failure of their ISIS trauma-based mind control media psychological operation, NATO may then have gone into damage control mode and thus cynically CREATED this refugee crisis, designed with the specific purpose of getting the ISIS combatants out of Syria before the Russians captured the wrong people.

Then, all the NATO propaganda agencies flooded the media with highly emotive images to get the European citizens to line up to demand that we open our borders and 'save them'. People's understandable emotional response to the real human tragedy behind this war contains within it powerful political capital, and this then cultivates a reaction which is all one sided.  

Most certainly it is indeed horrible what is happening in Syria, but this does not make the globalists automatically humanitarian paragons of virtue, nor does it mean they are not playing other games at the same time. It is perfectly fine to question the motives of the same entities who started Gulf War 2 (which led to at least a million deaths) based on their outright lies concerning so called "Weapons of Mass Destruction". I am never going to trust them ever again after that and you are a fool if you automatically trust them now. 

To quote Johnny Rotten; 'ever had the feeling you've been cheated.'

For you misty-eyed progressives with your bottom lip trembling defending your absolute and total devotion to Government who might want to proclaim loudly, "that would never happen in a democracy!": 

Iran Contra 
Bay of Pigs 
Pol Pot 
School of the Americas 


Screaming 'racist!' like a parrot upon reading this post won't make this potentially appalling vista any less unsettling, either. You UKip and similar tossers can piss off too as this is not a political manifesto as I am neither right nor left in my views. A pox on both your houses. I just know Globalist Gaslighting bullshit when I get a sniff of it.


  1. Sounds like Cobblers to me. ISIS was started and fostered by Gulf states, the only "evidence" that US/NATO was involved comes in the usual rubbish Kremlin propaganda sites that pump out anti US/NATO rubbish 24 hours a day.

    1. The Gulf States have always been under the control of the globalists or do you think that the British gave them back just as they discovered that they were resource rich....All them sheikhs are just puppets who get a nice slice of the massive pie.

    2. The 'West' runs the gulf states..always has,always will! Massive global game of chess going on! And the Russians are fuckin good at chess... interesting times!

    3. More than ever I am convinced that these 'poor refugees' from Syria - who were the healthy looking young males - were absolutely ISIS on the run from the Russians in many cases. You could see how they used their training to use women and children real refugees as their human shields at the Greek border and on trains into Hungary.
      It goes to show what scum they are. They are great for beheading unarmed people and throwing Gay men off buildings, and stopping genuine war refugees on the same trains from getting water and food, but when someone who can give them a game shows up they run to Europe so the Lefties and Sutherland can save them from 'oppression' with no questions asked.
      You couldn't make this shit up. When the beheading starts on our streets I will make sure to remind every moron who demanded they ALL be let in that they are equally responsible.

    4. Well put ....... sounds plausible .
      Governments will be consigned to the history books and humans can prosper again

    5. Ever heard of Erik Prince? Frontier Resource Group? Blackwater/Xe/Academi?

      I suggest you look into it...

  2. 9-11
    X22 was talking about Russia flying thru Greece and the U.S. is putting pressure on them but Greece is not wanting to upset Russia with their shaky economic situation.
    Funny about how psychopaths can't fight,if they r in danger they'll find some other suckers!!

  3. Collection points are asking for clothes and mobile phones with chargers. WTF!!!!???

  4. It's a shitshow over there, and will most certainly always will be until wats are faught with Love and Understanding,, many more will die for no reason... 😕😔😒😟😣

  5. Gulf states sponsored ISIS to get gas pipeline through. Nothing to do with NATO or US.

    1. Masonic west owns the gulf states through and through

  6. Thomas, could not find the corrrect place to give you this message Just a big thank you for all of your productions. Just watched your 'Europe's 911' on YT. You are on fire of late. Your geopolitical analysis and interpretation of historical events are so refreshing, you keep me sane my friend :) I will be buying the new book asap. All the very best. SM (Son of - Niall Noígíallach:)

  7. http://www.threeworldwars.com/albert-pike2.htm

  8. Great piece, Thomas, thank you! I too see the age old (yawn) pattern here. Our emotions are being played by the media like a false pianola, to entice us into doing things we would not ever think about if we were in our right minds...

  9. Wow, Thomas, good one. I live in Canada and all they talk about (when an election isn't happening, as it is now) is watch out for home grown terrorists and how people are being swayed to join Isis, now this picture is shown and I heard them say how many thousands are going to Germany, and Sweden and Canada will take 20,000. Which is really double speak, after what they have been yapping about for months. Now Europe is going to get all the refugees who supposedly don't believe in woman even driving a car and wearing burkas etc. Where are the so called feminists as you put it. And why aren't any of the Arab states taking in any of these people? Why European countries. Ugh. Thank you Thomas. I watched your video on Europe's 911 and I don't think you're a prick of any kind, thankfully someone has the parts to say the truth, as they see it.

  10. This is truly double speak. In Canada and America they have been going on for years about home grown terrorist going over to fight with ISIS. Now Europe is supposed to take all the people when the Arab states won't. Thousands headed for Germany and Sweden and I don't know where else. Now Canada is saying it will take in 20,000 after the election. The very people they have been trying to scare people not to listen to and why they want to search our emails etc.
    Yeah were are the feminists? I watched your video on 911 and thank you for speaking the truth as you see it.

  11. I can find nothing wrong with your analysis, even the weakest part concerning NATO panic, because, since your posting, it is has become apparent that a goodly percentage of the "refugees" are ISIS combatants.

    What high-stakes game are these neoliberal psychopaths playing that they can think they can come out ahead even after they have flooded the soft belly of Europe with hardened jihadi warriors? Truly this must be end game.

    Of course you can see that most of these young Syrians look like recent escapees of a shopping mall rather than a war zone, but who are you going to believe? The MSM or your lying eyes? As Robert Anton Wilson said in an exchange with Conspiracy Digest:

    "I have been on the scene of several important historical events circa 1952–1980, and never once did the press (Establishment or Underground) report what my nervous system sensed. Trying to find out what the hell is really going on behind the blizzard of lies put out by the 24 chief conspiracies on this planet is hard work, long hours, and low pay; and if by chance you do find out part of it, the fanatics of every ideology will jump all over you with spiked heels."

    Entirely by coincidence, before reading your post, I read this, by the poet Antonio Machado:

    "The eye you see isn't an eye because you see it; it's an eye because it sees you."

    1. European Union Army has always been the endgame for Peter Sutherland and the globalists. Flooding Europe with ISIS gives them the USA-style Orweallian Police State justification they crave.

      The Europe Union is like a kind of religion to the people in power. They are like secular Europa-Jihadists themselves and will do anything they can, including flooding Europe with ISIS in order to justify their existence.

  12. Dear Thomas,
    I have been really enjoying your clearsighted and uplifting shows. Thank you.

  13. velocity of now last night...had a smile on my face from beginning to end, effin brilliant....thanks very much Thomas.

  14. It's good to read a balanced analysis; most people feel they have to choose between the stance of mindless social justice warriors and that of pitch fork hooligans calling themselves nationalists. It's so frustrating that people don't seem to think for themselves anymore. The left has been built up for years in so-called intellectual environments and through popular culture, while many poor people take refuge in a poisoned far right mentality, hoping for a return of fascism. They see enemies in prams and nurseries; it's demoralising. Just as it's demoralising to see lefties being played by the media so well, trying to show tolerance to the most intolerant extremists.

    Few are willing to analyse every situation objectively; to judge people as individuals, not groups. It's left or right, the Guardian or the Daily Mail, love them or hate them. This will cause many innocent victims on both sides. We are all in this mess together, our lives and minds being played with so easily by those who will never suffer any consequence for their actions.