Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Is Rolf Harris Just a 'Prize Prisoner' for the Feminists and Crown?

I have to admit, like many others, that I was never fully convinced by the trial, verdict and sentencing of Rolf Harris. The other cases pertaining to Operation Yewtree are another matter, and taking all cases individually one at a time, I believe there was not even enough evidence to bring Rolf Harris to court, let alone find him guilty. Is he completely innocent? I honestly can't say because, frankly, he did not have a fair trial from reading over the court hearings and evidence. In fact, I am convinced there was literally a 'price on his head' mentality surrounding the case. So much so, that it seemed as if the prosecution, jury and court officials had a brief to make sure he was found guilty.

Sounds far fetched? That something like this would happen? Tell that to the Birmingham 6, Guildford 4 and MaGuire 7. All found guilty of being IRA bombers based on, once again, little or no evidence. The determining factor was anti-Irish hysteria in the media which copper-fastened the guilty verdicts of these completely innocent people no matter what. 

Was the hysteria and hype surrounding Operation Yewtree any less visceral, witch-hunt in nature and 'satisfaction' (for the accusers/public) at any cost driven? Similar to the IRA 'mainland' bombing campaign of the 1970s, yes, the IRA did murder British civilians with bombs; likewise, with Operation Yewtree, there is no doubt about the crimes and guilt of Jimmy Savile (who by the way NEVER stood trial under the same system which found Rolf Harris guilty based on flimsy, if not bizarre at times, evidence) and that real sex crimes against innocent young people were committed. 

Is a collective witchhunt in this PC and Feminist age any less wicked and psychopathic as they were back in an Anti-Irish age in the UK?

The following letter was sent to me by a person seeking justice (which is not the same thing as a being 'let off') for Rolf Harris, which is certainly worth all our consideration before depending on Her Majesty's 'justice' system and their hysterical mainstream media (who likewise protected Jimmy Savile) to decide the guilt of a man based on unsubstantiated accusations from very dubious persons. Again, I am not saying Rolf Harris is guilty or innocent, but I have no doubt he did not receive a fair trial and that his case is as much about FEMEN style 'Feminists' (which is mainstream feminism these days) being used to destroy traditional male role models and family men.

I run the Support Rolf Harris page in

There is now a petition for Rolf, which Bindi (his daughter) signed the other day, leaving her loving words about her father in the comments section

You can directly access the wonderful comments, including Bindi's, from all around the world too, here:

I'm absolutely FUMING over what's happened to Rolf, and with what's happening in our justice system, it becoming totally biased against men.

There is no way Rolf should even have been sent to Court, let alone to prison.  This story has terrified me, having looked into it in depth, for trust me, NO man is safe in this country now, due to what the CPS is doing.

I'm the mother of a kind, gentle 20 year old young man, and I know that all it will take now is for ONE woman to make a false allegation against him, and that will be that, she will be believed, he will instantly be deemed as guilty unless he can prove his innocence..and how would he ever be able to do that when NO evidence at all is required, her story being the only 'evidence' needed?  Even if she owned up/was found out, his name would remain on police records for years, if not for life, and many would always regard him as guilty, as in 'no smoke without fire' etc.

I too believe Rolf was stitched up.  There is so, SO much that is wrong with his case, with many of these shocking cases now happening.  So many innocent men have had their lives ripped apart, been sent to hell...Even those whose cases were dropped will never be the same again, for just such an allegation alone is enough for The Deranged Ones to never forget.....

We URGENTLY need the law changed.

We need all anonymity to be removed, and compensation too, statute of limitations, national campaign on the evils of false allegations (and the punishment which must follows such an act)....We need real *evidence*, and only ONE complainant being judged at a time, not these multiple trials which cause confusion and prejudice. And, the jury must be allowed to know if any of these claimants have made such claims before, their medical/mental health state, finances, etc..

Regarding Rolf and Leigh Pk, during the trial, they said they'd found no evidence to prove he was there, 'despite an extensive search'.  That was said by DS Gary Pankhurst, to Rolf's defence. The woman who made that allegation came to my Twitter page recently to tell me that no amount of verbal s**t (her expression) will change anything and that she's now 'happy and care less', adding 'who cares?' at the end, with a winking smiley.     .

Do you know that men accused of rape now have to PROVE a woman gave them consent to have sex with her?  (whatever happened to making love, to getting to know someone slowly, to morals and self-respect and self-responsibility?)  HOW is a man supposed to do this?  He also has to prove he knew she wasn't too drunk to give consent...duh?....nor had mental problems...double duh?! 

This is WAR against men, brought in by Third Wave Feminists, as they call themselves, who are all over Twitter bleating about 'Everyday Sexism' and how vile men are, etc.etc.etc....

It's not about equality, it's about DOMINATION of men and Rolf is a huge part of that, I feel, for he is their STAR prisoner now....

I just wondered, if you would be able to share the petition for Rolf, as every signature counts and  inspires others to sign to, to stand up, to speak out, to be afraid no longer of questioning what is happening in this country.

The press are watching my page now, a few have tried to contact me.  They are also watching the petition...I thwacked their backsides on my page last night, fuming that one of them had found my home phone number and wanted to talk to me.  I'd never trust any of them. 

Rolf and his family must be in hell right now...they may never find their way out, but damn it, if I can help them in any way, then I will, along with every other person now on that page, who are all so kind, so helpful, so determined to help too.

With kindest wishes
Support Rolf Harris

PS: This is an excellent blog, but please also read the comments beneath it, those of Chris Brosnan (he's posted several times), one of Rolf's friends...he tells the true story of the 'child porn' (which never existed) and the young lad who was viewing adult sites, albeit with the term 'teenager' in, who was a teenager himself.


  1. I need to point out that although I run the Support Rolf Harris page in Facebook, I was *not* the one who started the petition up. I am deeply grateful to the lassie who did for it this petition which has started this rolling, after it was taken up by the press, due to Rolf's daugther, Bindi, commenting on it. She's done a wonderful job, so I wanted to ensure that people know this. Thank you for posting this, Thomas. x

  2. I have said that he is innocent for ages and get shouted down by usually sane people. This petition and the lack of evidence has helped me to at least be heard.Too much money has been made by his so called victims selling their stories. One sold hers BEFORE the trail and another "victim" was a scorned mistress who had asked him for money . He is innocent without doubt but anyone who voices that opinion is targeted by Trolls.

  3. Wass: "You didn't think that if you were accused of having a sexual relationship with a 13 year old girl that constituted a criminal offence?"

    Rolf Harris: "I didn't think of that at the time"

    Wass: "In 1997 you don't think people knew about people assaulting 13 year olds being a criminal offence".

    Rolf: "I don't think so"


    1. What was actually said was different:

      Wass said he had complimented her, told her that she looked “lovely”. “Do you accept that when a man tells a woman or a girl they look lovely in a bikini, they are not actually admiring the clothing, they admiring the person’s body?” “Possibly.”

      “You weren’t talking about the bikini,” Wass said. “You didn’t mean the fabric. There’s not much of it. What you were saying was, ‘You have a great body.’” “I suppose so.” …

      Wass added: "And, of course, once we work out that you did see (the alleged victim) in a sexual light during that holiday, everything that (she) says becomes realistic, doesn't it?" RH replied in a firm voice: "Not as far as I'm concerned, because it never happened."

      Asked about the C’s allegation that he indecently assaulted her after she had a shower at their hotel in Hawaii in 1978, RH told the court: "No, it didn't happen." He also denied having assaulted her on another occasion in Hawaii.

      The problem is that the prosecution lawyer pretty much distorted everything that was said. Lawyers should work with evidence, not play to the crowd with fantastic rhetoric.

  4. This 'quote' above, from 'Anonymous' comes from only ONE source, which is some vague blog. I have not seen this quoted in any main media at all. It is VERY easy for anyone to put an alleged 'quote' up stating it to be true. You came to the Support Rolf Harris page with this quote too. I have no idea who you are, nor what your motives are for doing this, although, I can guess, of course.

  5. rayking@gmx.net10 May 2015 at 05:55

    Seems to me like someone stitched Rolf Harris up. I simply cannot conceive
    of him being a criminal in any shape or form, least of all someone who abused children. There is something wrong here, and it needs sorting. Well done to Bindi for having the courage for this, and she seems as nice as her father. Good luck.

  6. Was Savile guaranteed lifetime immunity as long as he continued to compromise famous and powerful men? Once he was dead the obedience training started right away with a handful of well known white male role models being thrown to the wolves to remind the others, who surprisingly also seem to include the royals, just how unpleasant it would be if the same thing were ever to happen to them.
    Of course the destruction of the white male has been a cornerstone of political marxism now for some time anyway.

  7. Classical Pioneer23 July 2015 at 01:47

    The 'evidence' had more holes in it than a string vest! As an example, let's take a look at the Cambridge one. The charge for that was 'rubbing her buttocks' (anyone who doesn't believe me can go and take a look) nearly FORTY YEARS AGO. How much public money was wasted on bringing a charge of 'rubbing her buttocks' that long ago? There was NO evidence for this whatsoever. Yes, there was a video produced of Star Games, but there is no proof that SHE was there, just that HE was. SHE was allowed to forget which programme was being filmed at the time (It's A Knockout or Star Games) and how old she was, but HE, at 84, wasn't allowed to forget being there and was branded a liar in the press. You'd think, given that this was a supposedly life-changing event (compo, anyone?) that she would at least have remembered (a) which event she had been waitressing at, and (b) how old she was. Note, too, that her Victim Impact Statement was the only one of the four not released in its entirety. Why? Because writing a whole statement on how a bottom squeeze (if it happened at all) changed your life and made you a nervous, gibbering wreck might sound terribly unconvincing? How she had to gall to walk into a police station and say something like, "My life has been ruined because I had my buttock rubbed forty years ago" beggars belief.

  8. Hello. I'm from Sweden. In my country Rolf Harris is not very well known or talked about, alltough apparently he once had a hit-song in Sweden "Sven Gren med tre ben", so I first heard about him from reports on the court-case on SKY-news. They have reported about how the popular entertainer have been "unmasked as a paedophile". It also seems like all the big UK-newspapers agree on this.
    But after reading up on the so called "evidendence" or "damning evidence" as the media likes to call it, I must say that I'm pretty shocked. The accusations are at best just very weak and impossible to verify, and at worst they makes no sense at all. Some of the accusers stories are obvious fallacies. Like the girl who lost an awful lot of weight in an impossibly short time, or the girl who was sunbathing in the shadow.
    And how on earth can anyone prove that one person touched another person (inappropiately or otherwise) almost 50 years ago!?

    1. "...Like the girl who lost an awful lot of weight in an impossibly short time..."

      This was Tonya Lee. This was also a total lie, which she had to admit to in Court, but saying it was merely a 'mistake'. She was presented with an original tour itinerary. She said she had met Rolf at this party on the very first day of their 6 week tour, then, she 'watched the weight fall off her'. In REALITY, this party was 6 days before she returned home. She had lost nearly a stone, so it was alleged. She changed her story, instantly, saying she could see she'd made a mistake (yeah, right!) and that it must have been due to her missing her mother and being homesick. (!!) She made $66,000 for her Rolf Story, which she told in 2013, one year prior to the trial. You'll find the transcripts of all her interviews here....
      And...some more lies here:

  9. Every person should be very concerned that little to no evidence can send a person with an unblemished record to prison.

  10. Poor Rolf. It's incredible how ruthless humans can become when they smell free money.